Before you do anything, use the jukebox once to switch it off. If you leave it running, you’ll be thrown out of every place you enter.

Look at the box next to you to notice that Roger is missing. You need to find him.

Enter Griff’s and tell him about Roger. He can help you but wants to see some cash. So leave the investigator’s office.

Enter the General Store and talk to Phil. He suggests to go to Scid’s or Dominatrix and when you get there, order him a pizza. Leave the General Store and enter Dominatrix.


Talk to Jackie and tell her about Roger. Then talk to Paul and tell him about Phil. You’ll get a PIZZA. Leave the restaurant and go back to the General Store.

Talk to Phil to give him his pizza. In return he’ll give you some MONEY. Leave the shop and return to Griff. He’ll start the investigation and after checking the alley, you’ll end up at Scid’s. He might help you if you get Jackie to go on a date with him. He bribes her with free booze.

At Dominatrix, Jackie remembers seeing Drake but can’t recall the other person coming from the alley. You’ll tell her about the free booze and return to Scid’s.

George remembers seeing Melt at the alley so Griff now knows where to go. You’ll find Melt and Drake in the basement and there’s Roger as well. All’s well ….

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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