Now that your guitar is broken and you want a new one, you need some money first. Walk to the south to enter your room. On the cabinet is the MONEY JAR. Take it and smash it to take the MONEY from the floor.

Walk to the left to enter your study again and use the door to leave the house. Let’s go to the guitar shop.

Your car needs some work before it can be used. Especially some oil. To the right of the car is a pool of oil on the floor but how to get it into the car? Look at the boxes on the left of the car. In the top one is a YELLOW SPONGE. In the one that tipped over are the CAR KEYS. Use the sponge on the pool of oil to get the sponge soaked with OIL and use the sponge on the car to fill the car. Use the key to start the car and drive to the shop.

In the shop, talk to the lady behind the counter. Ask for the price of the guitar and flirt a little. Give her the money and the GUITAR is yours. Use the exit door to go home and make some noise.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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