Before you can find the four pieces of the map, you must be properly protected. Switch your clothes with the IRON CLOTHES. Replace your wand with the SWORD. Walk to the man working there and talk to him. You’ll learn about his daughter and the unicorn. You’ll get the WATER and must ask the unicorn to use it’s magic spell on it. Leave the screen on the right.

On the map, select the Hill of the Centaur. Talk to the centaur. He can give you a piece of the map if you can deliver the holy feather to him.  Take the NET. Walk back to the left again and go to the Lowland of the Unicorn.

The unicorn is passing several times. Use the net to stop the unicorn. Talk to the unicorn and ask it to use it’s magic on the water. Walk to the left until you find a little red bottle with a POTION hidden in the grass. Pick up the bottle and walk to the south. On the map select the village.

Give the water to the human and he’ll give you a piece of the MAP (#1). Leave the village on the left and on the map go to the Forest of the Elves. Talk to the Elf. You can get the map fairly easily if you just remember to stay polite. Ask her to borrow the MAP (#2) and you’ll get it. Walk all the way to the left and take the FEATHER from the top of the tree. Use your magic (the lightning bolt) to get. Don’t worry. The magic level will be restored before you know it. Walk all the way to the right to leave the forrest.

On the map select the Mines of the Dwarves. Change your clothes here to the LEATHER OUTFIT and take the AXE. Talk to the Dwarf. Tell him you’re half human and he’ll listen. Then ask him for help and if he asks you why, tell him you don’t know. He’ll ask for the Golden Hatchet, belonging to the Sphinx.

Walk to the left to leave the Dwarf and go to the Sand of the Sphinx. Take the MAGIC POTION standing there. Talk to the Sphinx and listen to his riddle. If you answer is wrong you’ll die, if it’s correct you’ll get the hatchet. Answer 312211 and you can take the HATCHET. Leave the sphinx on the right of the screen and select the Mines of the Dwarves again. Give the hatchet to the dwarf and he’ll give you a piece of the MAP (#3). Now only one piece to go.

Talk to the Dwarf again and he’ll give you a SHOVEL. Walk to the left and select the Hill of the Centaur. Talk to the centaur and give him the feather. The centaur asks you to bury it in the holy hill. Use the shovel on the hill just behind the centaur. The hole you created is big enough for the feather. Put the feather in the hole and use the shovel on the hole to cover up the feather again. Talk to the centaur again and you’ll receive the last part of the MAP (#4). Walk to the left. You have all parts of the map so you can go The way no-one goes.

You’ll get instructions from the man here and he’ll tell you about the self-drawing map. Use your magic on the man to kill him, then use your magic on the door on the right and go right another two times. Pick up the MAGIC POTION there. Go north twice, then left and north again. Although there isn’t a door, you can walk through the wall on the north. A real treasure can be found here because you can choose any of the clothing, pick up all MAGIC POTIONS and all LIFE POTIONS. Walk south, right and south twice from here. Then left three times to be where you originally started. Now for the stone!

Use your magic on the door on the left. Go north and left and you’ll find another warrior. Use your magic again to kill him. Step through the door on the left to get an extra LIFE POTION. If you must, you can use the bottles of potion on yourself. An alternative is to wait a while after killing the warrior. The magic and health will restore slowly but eventually.

Go  to the right, then to the north three times. Another warrior.  Fight him again, either by using your axe or your magic. When the warrior is defeated, go left and north to find another one. With enough life- and magic energy left fight him also. Go to the right twice and find another bottle of LIFE POTION. Take it.

Go north, left and north twice to find yet another warrior. Make sure you don’t enter the room before you have enough energy. When he’s down, go right twice, pick up the LIFE POTION and MAGIC POTION and walk to the right again. Then go south three times to fight another warrior. This is the last one and once he’s defeated, walk to the left. You’ve made it to the magic stone!

Talk to the dragon and learn about the egg. You’ll be transported to your father. There you will have  one last fight. Remember to keep an eye on the magic and life levels and use the potions from time to time until the demon is killed. You can then report to the dragon again.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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