You should wash your clothes before your date later. On the bedside table is your POCKET KNIFE. Pick it up. From the wastebin take the BAG. Leave your room.

In the hallway is Rick standing in your way. You don’t want him to see you so you can’t pass him like that. In his back pocket he’s got EARPLUGS. Be carefull and take them out. Then enter your own room again and use the bag with your dirty laundry. Since you’ve got the earplugs, you can put them in your nose and put the clothes in the bag.

Leave the room again and use the dirty clothes on Rick to chase him away. Pick up the HAMMER and walk to the right. In the laundry room, put your clothes in the one available washer/dryer. The price has gone up so you have to find some more money to pay for your laundry.

On the second from the left is an ID CARD. Take it. Between machines two and three is a quarter on the floor but it’s too far for you to take it. Leave the laundry room again and go to Rick’s door. Use the ID card on the door to force entry.

In his desk you can find a CALCULATOR. Leave his room again and look at the message board in the hall. You can see a pin out of place on the right bottom note. Take the bottom PIN out and you can use the message to watch the back of the note where there’s a calculation written. Use the calculator on the message to get the difference.

Leave the note and the message board and use the ID card to enter Rick’s room again. Use the calculator on the safe next to the computer to open it. Between the stuff in there you find the KEY to his closet. Use the key on his closet and although the hangers are useless, you can use the DETERGENT. Take it and leave the room.

Enter your own room and use the key on your own closet door. The door is different but the lock appears the same. Take a HANGER out. Walk to the coin collection on the wall on the right. Use the hammer on the collection to take one COIN out. Now leave the room. Go back to the laundry room on the right.

Use the hanger on the coin on the floor. You manage to bend the metal and rake the COIN from the floor. Use the detergent with your laundry and use the coins to start the machine. You’re in time for your date. By the way, was it a white or colour wash?

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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