You landed with your ship on an unknown planet. But you need to get to Dr. Polansk to tell him you need to die.

Walk two the right to find a strange shaped rock and a tree. Walk to the right again and walk to the dark spot in the middle. It’s a cave. When entering you’ll see a grey wall. On the left side of the wall, to the right of the green herbs, you can find a loose ROCK. Take it and walk to the left, back to the tree. Use the rock on the peaky rock on the left of the tree to sharpen your rock. Walk further to the left to your ship. In the middle of the ship is a hatch. Use the sharp rock to open the hatch and you’ll find a CHIP and a MANUAL. Look at the manual and look at the texts about the year it was built and the processor chip (click on the texts).

Use the chip on the console and you can navigate to other places. Use the console to see an overview of the island. Go to the Flaming Tongue on the far right. Walk one screen to the left and find another scientist robot. It’s trapped in a force field. Talk to the scientist and ask what happened. Ask what you can do to help and you’ll be asked to create a mixture to reduce the force field: really cold water, herbs and minerals from mud. Leave the scientist for now. Take the bowl with SALT from the table and the empty JAR. Use the console again and travel to the Frozen Cape.

Use the bowl with salt on the block of ice to get a BLOCK OF ICE. Walk to the left twice and find a Chorander. His name is Olag. Talk to him to learn that he lost an egg that should prevent him from extinction. He’s also running from the Phantom. Use the console and travel to the Western Sierra on the left.

Look at the structures and detect something loose underneath. Take the WIRE from the middle. Walk to the left and go to the arch. On the left side of the arch is an inscription. Look at it and see that there’s a star, moon and star. Leave the engraving and arch and walk further to the left. A green bug is standing here and you can trade stuff with him.

Talk to the bug and before he trades with you, he wants to make sure you’re a local. You need to know all about the island then. On the left side, against the pyramid is a BOWL. Pick it up and use the console to go to the Flaming Tongue again.

Use the bowl on the block of ice. Then use the bowl on the pool of lava on the right side. You now have a bowl of LAVA and very cold WATER. Use the console again and select the Landing Spot. Walk to the left and use the empty jar on the pool of MUD to take some. Walk all the way to the right again and enter the cave. Use the sharp rock on the HERB hanging on the disc shaped stone. Under the herbs are engravings. But they can’t be read. Use the lava on the engravings to burn them clean and now you can learn about Acadia.

Use the console and travel to the Flaming Tongue. Walk to the left and use the cold water on the flask on the desk. Use the herb with the flask and the use the jar with mud on the flask. Your mix is finished now. Pick up the JAR and use it on the force field. The scientist can walk out of it and owes you a favor.

Use the console and go to the Western Sierra. Walk to the left and talk to the green bug again. Greet him and tell him you’re from the island. You must prove it by answering five questions about yourself and the island. The first is about the time you were build (Age of Turion), the second about your CPU (Cavitell 1769). Then three about the island. The first about the symbols on the arch (Star,Moon,Star), the second about the birds (Amash) and the third about the engraving under the herbs (people called Acadia). Now that you’ve proven to be from the island you can trade any item you’d like. Ask for the knife, stick or basket, you’re not getting them. Ask what else he has to trade and you can get the broken PICK. Use the wire from your inventory on the pick and it’s repaired.

Use the console and travel back to the Landing Spot. Walk to the right and use the pick on the egg shaped rock on the left. There was another EGG inside. Use the console to travel to the Frozen Cape. Walk to the left twice and give the egg to Olag. He’ll help you get away from here. Ask him where to find Dr. Polansk. He can tell you more about TechnoCity and when you aks him how you can leave the island, tell him you need to see Dr. Polansk. You’ll get the CARD to the ship of Olag. Use the console to go to the Golden Plateau.

Use the ship to go inside and look at the ignition system on the right. Try to use the card on the slot to discover you’re not getting anywhere. Use the console and select the Flaming Tongue on the right. Walk to the left and talk to the scientist. Ask for the missing part for the spaceship and you’ll get the IGNITION BOARD. Use the console to return to the Golden Plateau. Use the ship again and put the ignition board on the system on the right. Then insert the card into the slot again and you’re ready to go.

On your way to TechnoCity you’ll be stopped by the police. You must identify yourself. Tell them you’re an earthling going to TechnoCity. When they ask you what you’re doing tell them again that you’re human and must go to TechnoCity. They’ll tell you there are troubles and you should ask them what kind of troubles. They’ll tell you about the alert state and ask you to land as soon as possible.

When you’re on the ground the console stops working. Walk to the right twice. Under the trees there is a green stone that has a loose rock. But you can’t take it out with your hands. Use the pick on the green rock and the pick will break again. Walk further to the right. Look at the tiny lake and notice there’s a sticky substance in it. Use the pick on the lake to repair it. Walk back to the left and use the pick on the green stone again. This time a piece of GREEN STONE will come off. Walk further to the left and use the rock on the pool of water on the left. You’ll hear some kind of mechanism and when you walk to the left, you can see a hole in the platform. Use the hole to go the world underground.

Walk to the right and use the broken vase in the middle to see an inscription. Walk further to the right. Use the box there to start the voice activation sequence. The system wants to know the correct sequence. Repeat what you saw on the vase earlier: CHAM-ALUH-A-N-K. You’ll hear a noise. Walk to the left two screens and use the button in the rock. Walk two screens to the right again and the huge door is gone now. You can use it to enter.

A forcefield will take you to another part. Walk to the right and the wall starts talking to you. It’s the entrance to TechnoCity. Since you’re a robot, you’ve nothing to fear but there are no more humans in TechnoCity. You’ll get a CHIP to travel through the UK. Use the chip on your console and the route to TechnoCity will be loaded. Use the console to travel to that city.

You’re outside another forcefield. Look at the floor in front of thr field. There are signs and you can read some parts: Anka Basto Enki. Talk to the forcefield and tell it you’re Enki, here to see Anu. You can enter.

Walk to the left and enter the huge door. Use the base on the wall on the right of the controls to find a PUNCHED CARD. Walk to the left, then to the right and you’re with the spaceship again. Use the card on the base of the ship to identify yourself. Then look at the tower on the left. There’s a power failure.

To the left of the tower is a control panel. Use the punched card on the control panel and the power is restored. You’ll see Dr. Polansk. He’ll explain everything.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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