You have to find Craby.

Walk to the right and talk to your friends. Tell them you haven’t seen Craby in a while. Ask them what they know about Craby. They will help you and you’ll get a KEY to a trunk in the house. Walk to the house in the back and enter it.

Use the key on the trunk to unlock it, then use the trunk to open it.  Take the BREAD, THREAD and COLLAR out of the trunk and leave the house again. Leave the screen on the left.

Next to the tree is a STICK. Pick it up and then talk to the dog. The dog can help if you can give him some food. Walk further to the right and look in the river. There’s a bottle and it looks like something’s inside. But you can’t reach the bottle.


In your inventory use the thread on the stick to make a fishing rod. Use the fishing rod on the bottle in the river to get the BOTTLE out. Use the bread on the bottle to get the BONE out. Walk back to the left and give the bone to the dog. Ask the dog for information and he’ll tell you to look at the river bank. Ask for an explanation and the dog will tell you to go south at the river. The dog will also give you a BOUNCING BALL.

Walk to the right and go south from there. There’s Craby. Pick up the CRAB and walk north. Walk to the left twice and then talk to your friends on the right. Tell them Craby is back again.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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