All six nanobots are doomed. You’d better work together if you don’t want to be destroyed by Dr. Killfun.

Brainbot: go to the picture on the desk and analyze it. There’s a phonenumber on it: 767 1063

Audbot: use the phone, push the on button and enter the number brainbot saw. Talk to the girl while the French gets translated. She’ll tell you about the acids and where you can find more information about it.

Strongbot: push the phone to the left. There’s a postcard underneat.

Brainbot: Look at the postcard. There is a sign of a tube there, not much text. Move to the books behind the computer and analyze the Groovy Chemist. There’s a formula for a very strong acid. Two units of incensium. As we can see on the left it’s purple. One unit of rockon is yellow. So we need to mix some chemicals. We’ll need a computer for that.

Audbot: go to the computer and you’re asked for a 3-digit passsword. Hmm.. Look at the desktop of the computer. Cancel the input.

Strongbot: go to the books and push Small Bots, Big Hearts. Everyone is happy, except for Audbot. He hurts the feelings of Strongbot. That wasn’t nice.

Brainbot: ride up the fallen book to the shelf. While going up you can see there’s something standing on the computer screen. Move to the left and go to the clock. Analyze the clock and look at the pictures and hands. They are the same as the one on the computer desktop. So that’s the combination: 683

Audbot: go to Strongbot and apologize. Strongbot won’t listen. Maybe something should be given to him that shows you’re sorry.

Tallbot: go to the orange necklace hanging on the screen. Stretch and take the necklace. The necklace, vase and flowers will fall down. Nobody damaged.

Audbot: pick up the FLOWERS and give them to Strongbot. Apologies accepted. Move to the computer again and when asked for the three digit password enter the right code. Chemdrop will start and fill the three tubes with different color.

Chembot: Move to the test tubes and take the blue tube. Go downstairs again and use the tube on the postcard. There’s a message visible now. So you have to reach that crack in the wall. Walk back to the shelf and return the tube on the wall.

Brainbot: Check out the left side. Examine the power socket below and note that the bottom one isn’t working.

Audbot: use the computer again and you’ll be asked to refill. Answer Y to fill the tubes again.

Strongbot: push the erlenmeyer back, closer to the shelf.

Chembot: go to the vials and pick up the RED TUBE. Empty it in the erlenmeyer. Put the empty tube back in place and take the BLUE TUBE. Empty it in the erlenmeyer as well. Put the empty tube back again. Mix the two in the erlenmeyer to get purple. So that’s one red, and one blue, makes two purple.

Hotbot: stand under the erlenmeyer and give it some heat.

Chembot: pick up the YELLOW TUBE and add it to the erlenmeyer. Then mix it again. A brown substance will show.

Hotbot: Heat up again until the substance gets white.

Chembot: use the empty tube on the erlenmeyer to fill it with ACID. Walk downstairs to the power sockets on the left and use the tube on the lower socket. It will melt a hole in there. Walk back to the tubes on the wall and put the empty tube on the empty spot.

Strongbot: Walk to the erlenmeyer and push it down one position to the vacuum and the erlenmeyer will be empty again. Push it back up to the shelf.

Audbot: go through the hole and use the spider web to get to the spoon. The spider will try to hurt you but you’re metal. Stand on the spoon.

Strongbot: goto the phone and push it to the dark blue square below the gumball machine and right of the hole.

Tallbot: walk to the colorfull coat on the left next to the socket, stretch and pick up the COIN from the pocket. Walk to the gumball machine and stretch again and use the coin on the slot. A ball will roll out, hit the phone and go through the socket. It’ll drop on the spoon, catapulting Audbot to the upper shelf.

Audbot: talk to the spider several times. Apologize for hurting her feelings. Then you have to answer three questions. Answer web for the first, a mechanical man for the second and a tick for the third. The spider will make a ladder down.

Brainbot: analyze the the tube. Chembot will help you out. Analyze the note. On it is a text and when turned over you can find a new recipe. Take the BALLOON from the shelf. Go through the crack in the wall, go downstairs and drive up to the shelf, near the erlenmeyer.

Audbot: Go downstairs and use the computer and refill the tubes

Chembot: Go downstairs and climb the shelf. Take the YELLOW TUBE and empty it in the erlenmeyer. Put the tube back on the wall, then take the BLUE TUBE and empty it in the erlenmeyer as well. Put back the empty tube on the wall. Mix the chemicals in the erlenmeyer and part one of the mix is ready.

Tallbot: Go downstairs and pick up the VASE that’s near the coffee. Walk to the cup, stretch and take the COFFEE from the cup. Stretch back again and walk to Chembot on the shelf. Give the vase to Chembot.

Chembot: Use the vase on the erlenmeyer to give it a drop of coffee. Give the vase back to Tallbot. Walk down the shelf. Walk through the hole in the socket and climb the ladder. Take the GLITTER TUBE and go down again. Walk to the shelf and use the glitter with the erlenmeyer.

Brainbot: use the balloon on the erlenmeyer.

Hotbot: climb down the ladder, through the hole and stand under the erlenmeyer. Heat up until the gas fills the balloon.

Audbot: pick up the NECKLACE near the computer and climb the shelf. Use the necklace on the balloon.

Strongbot: climb down the ladder and go through the hole. Push the cup of coffee to the vacuum on the left so it will empty the cup.

Audbot: take the NECKLACE and attach it to the empty cup.

Tallbot: Give the vase to Brainbot. Go to the socket, stretch and take the plug. Use the plug and put it in the top socket so the fan will start blowing. Stretch down again and get into the cup.

Brainbot: get into the cup.

Chembot: get into the cup.

Audbot: get into the cup.

Strongbot: get into the cup.

Hotbot: get into the cup. Heat up to heat the air in the cup.

Location of the bots:

Chembot: on the drink of Violet

Strongbot: on the edge of the yellow bucket.

Audbot: on the guitar.

Tallbot: in the hair of Chad

Brainbot: on top of the pyramid.

Hotbot: under the barbecue.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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