You want to make an adventure game.

Get out of bed.  Of course it’s coffee time first. Open cupboard #1 to get the SUGAR (1/1) and open cupboard #2 to get the BLUE CUP (1/2). Check the fridge to find a SANDWICH (1/3) and finally get the COFFEE (1/4). Put the coffee in the cup (2/6) and add the sugar (2/8). (Achievement 1: First!)  Then leave the kitchen.

Open the drawer to find a CALCULATOR (1/9), a pair of SCISSORS (1/10) and a roll of TAPE (1/11). Summon Excalibur to do a bit of role-playing (1/12) and then exit the room. In the hallway, fiddle with the stand to get an UMBRELLA STAND (1/13) and take the CAP from the coat rack (1/14). (Achievement 2: Always prepared)

Go back to the room and start the PC (1/15). Use the PC to start programming. But then…. try talking, try feigning, try fainting, try faffing about, try ACTION and then slowly back away. But you’re captured by the beast. Look around and then do the AGS-look around. You’re facing one of the walls. Bash it with the umbrella stand (2/17). Then examine the equipment to find the WIRE. Use the scotch tape with the wire to show that you’re rubbish with electrical equipment (1/18). You end up in a STRAIGHT JACKET.

Use the scissors on the jacket to free your hands (1/19) and then use the umbrella stand on the chains to cut yourself loose (1/20). (Achievement 5: RAWR Violence). Look around to cut the PADDING (1/21) and use the tape on the padding to create a cushion (2/23).

Go to the balcony and jump off (1/24).  Once down, put the bite of sandwich in the coffee (2/26) to create an abstract solution and then summon Excalibur again (10/36). (Achievement 3: God among men, Achievement 4: Survivor, Achievement 6: Full of …points and Achievement 7: OCD).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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