You’re trapped in a pocket dimension and need to get out.

Pick up the FLIMSY SAW that’s stuck in Pirate Pete’s lower half. Use the saw on the flimsy wooden box that’s on the wagon on the lower left. From the box you’ll take the VOMIT INDUCER. Use the potion on the sword swallower so he spits out his SWORD. Pick it up and use it on the rope that the strong man is hanging on.

He’ll fall down which returns your own sword: the ARMOR BUSTER DEADPRY. Pick it up and use it on clowns car to open the hood and take the BATTERY out. Use the battery on Pirate Pete’s innards to dissolve them and reveal the KEY that he swallowed. Use the key on the treasure chest to unlock it and find the CASH, the bag of FROP and a GUN. Use the frop on the magic portal to open it and you’re free.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.


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