You need to deliver that parcel.


Take the DATABISCUIT, the KEYS and your DEBIT CARD from the bedside cabinet. Walk to the south to go to the lounge. Walk to the right and enter the space port. There you can see your cargo on top of someone. Talk to the man and release him from the CARGO BOX. Use the package on the cargo trunk of your ship.

Take off:


Use the cockpit of the ship to enter it. Use the keys from your inventory on the ignition on the right side of the two green displays on the dashboard. Click the Start Boot button indicated with an S on the left of the navigation computer. The Lint Exhause is marked LE on the right side of the same navigation computer. At the top right of the dashboard are three purple buttons marked 1, 2 and 3. Press them all in sequence. Just above the Lint Exhaust is the Jump Jets button in blue. Push it. Then insert the databiscuit in the slot  of the navigation computer. On the map select the Charlie Region.

Fuel Station:

Select the fuel portal half way to fill the ship with fuel. Talk to Wimbo. He’s not the nices of people. Walk to the north to the cashier and watch the robbery. You must intervene. Walk back to the south and take the bottle OPENER from the side of Wimbo’s pump.

Talk to Wimbo again and ask for help. All he gives you is a piece of STRING. Walk south to the repair center. There’s a wrench but behind glass and the door is locked. In the grate you can see a key but you can’t reach it. Use the string on the bottle opener and use the combination on the grate to get the KEY out. Use the key on the door of the shop. You can now take the WRENCH.

Walk to the north twice and use the wrench on the heavy duty bolt of the gas sign on the right to loosen it and surprise the vilain. Talk to Kurtz and pay for the gas. Walk to the south and use the cockpit of the Pachyderm to continue the journey. Select the Charlie Region again.


Take the SNEEZING POWDER. Open the tube with the wrench. Use the sneezing powder on the idle tubes. They are blocked. Use the heavy duty wrench on the tubes to free them and apply the sneezing powder again. On you go.

Wrong planet:

Your ship is in water and needs to be rescued. Talk to the fisherman. You can use his boat if you can arrange an engine. Walk to the right to enter the wilderniss. Select jail on the map. Talk to the lady hanging the clothes and ask for an engine. She knows about a ship of one of the prisoners. To open the outer gate, use your opener-on-a-string on the lever behind the gate. Then use the door to enter jail. Everyone is asleep so there’s no use talking.

Take the manilla envelope to see the contents. Take the yellow KEY from the desk and walk to the south to exit jail again. Walk to the south back into the wilderniss. Select the yellow Norseman on the south.

Use the key on the maintenance hood on the side. Take the ENGINE out. Walk to the left to return to the wilderniss and go to the temple on the north side of the map. Talk to the monkey and ask to trade the engine. You get the OLD ENGINE back.

Walk to the south into the wilderniss and then to the left to the beach. Give the engine to the fisherman and your ship is safe. Use the Pachyderm to continue your trip. On the map select Charlie Region once again.

Right planet:

Open the cargo boot of the ship and take the heavy CARGO out. Walk down the ramp and walk to the checkpoint in the center. Use cargo bay 1 to open it and drop your cargo inside. Use the bay again to close it again and bay 2 will open. Take the BIG CASH. What a day.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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