You’re in your room and need a costume for halloween.

Pickup the WHITE HOODED ROBE from the floor. In the row of DVD above the bed is one DVD called HALLOWEEN DVD. Take it. Use the door to go to the living room. Walk to the right and talk to Lesie. Give her the halloween tape and she’ll be gone. Use the door on the right to enter her room.

Take the model SKULL from the shelf. Use the desk drawer to find a small KEY and use that key on the music box on the drawers. Inside is another KEY. Leave the room and look at the loveseat. In the middle is a cushion opening and when you use that you’ll find a black MARKER.  Walk further to the left and enter the bathroom.

Use the first aid kit in the cabinet to get the GAUZE out. Leave the bathroom again and walk to the closet on the left. Use the key you found in Leslie’s room to open it. From the lower shelf you can take a CLAY JAR and a can of SPRAY PAINT.

Walk all the way to the right and go into the kitchen. From the second drawer below the microwave you can take a SPATULA. In the kitchen sink you’ll find a pair of GLOVES. Now get creative.

In your inventory use the clay jar with the skull. Use the spatula to peel the clay off and use the gauze on the clay mask to protect the inside. Show the mask to Leslie and she’ll give you RUBBER BANDS and she’ll pierce the mask for you. In your inventory use the rubber bands on the mask and use the black marker to create expression on the mask.

Use the spray paint on the white robe to make it black. Use the mask on the robe and use the gloves on the robe and your costume is ready.

[NOTE: There are different versions of the game]

Version 1:

Leave the kitchen on the left and walk all the way to the left to go to your own room. Search under the bed to find the unmissable accessoire for your outfit: the SKYTHE. In your inventory use the skythe on the costume to make it complete. Leave the kitchen and go into the bathroom. Use the costume on yourself and scare some people. Happy Halloween!

Version 2:

Show the complete costume to Vicky. She’ll take you to Gray. Use the door  to knock and Vicky will ask for the SKYTHE. Go into the bathroom. Use the costume on yourself and scare some people. Happy Halloween!

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. When the game was made, there were some issues with some items (the scythe was one of them.). This is indeed another version. I’ll update the walkthrough. Thanks for the info and the link.

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