Chapter I: Prelude

After you felt the earthquake you discover Ron on the ground with a cup of coffee next to him. Look at the brown beaker to UPDATE NOTE. Look at Ron to see his condition. UPDATE NOTE. You’d better inform Herrrring. Use the door on the left and use the door to Herrrrings office. Give him the note about Ron and the note about the beaker. He’ll have a look and wants you to join him.

Walk to the right and use the blue warp stream to go to the coffee machine and join Herrrring. After sniffing the beaker he flees the scene. Look at the beaker again to UPDATE NOTE. Look at the note to find the strange smell. Use the two notes together to draw conclusions. This needs further investigation. Use the door on the left and walk to the right. Use the door to the exit.

Out side you discover something.


Chapter II:

Look at Scrooge McFeathers. Look at the cigarette next to him. Use the notes in your inventory together to conclude that you need to travel to Kladen to find further proof.

Walk to the right to see the map and use the town of Kladen to travel there. Walk to the right and use the brown Cult of Mlocca building. Inside you overhear a conversation that clarifies a bit. To find out more after the earth shook twice, use the door on the right and talk to the man. No matter how you respond, it’ll end up the same: you need to go to the library to find something out.

But for that you need a password and Tony is the only one to know it. But Tony is still dissolved and the solution to that is pure coffee. Your quest is to get that. You get a BOOK, a MANUAL and an AXE and are sent off.

Chapter III: Decaff

You’re outside the old mine. Read the book to learn you need to find Guarana. It’s a pure form of cafeine hidden in the old mine. To get there you need to use the axe so read the manual of the axe. You need to activate it by pushing buttons in the right order. Look at the axe to see the activation buttons. You can find the order in the text on the right. The solution: blue circle, yellow square, red triangle, green cirlcle, white rectangle.

Talk to the axe to enter the mine eventually. After an automated search you stand in front of a small door leading to a geode. Use the entrance to see the treasure: pure caffee. In the center, left of the brown hill is a CHUNK. Pick it up and leave the geode again. Walk to the yellow triangle at the bottom to leave the mine and follow the path to the map. Use Kladen on the map.

Walk to the right and use the Cult of Mlocca again. The two dissolved bodies will be visible again so talk to them both, Tony on the left, Moe (for short) on the right. Ask Tony about the password and he redirects you to the High Priest. Talk to Moe and discover he hasn’t the password either.

Talk to the priest and when he asks if you’re ready to go, tell him yes. He’ll ask Tony again to give the password and it will be written in a NOTE. Now all you have to do is get the spell and return to the priest.

Walk to the left to leave the room and use the exit to go outside. Walk to the right and talk to the buidling with the yellow roof. Use the password note on the building and after an exchange of sentences you can enter.

Talk to the man in the back and ask for the spell. They are all gone. But he gives you the SPELLCASTER and you need to find the recipe yourself. Use the spellcaster on yourself to find three rows to be filled with three runes to create a spell. But which rune on which position?

Use the bookshelves below to get 4 BOOKS, blue, green, white and red. Use the books one by one on the Autosummarizer. They will show a picture. Use the red book and note the shape and colour. Use the green one and note the shape and colour of the picture on the left. Use the white book and this one is the key to the solution. See the three coloured dots from left to right? Next to it is a square with a line which indicates to mirror.

Use the spellcaster on yourself again and translate the pictures of the three stones on the right into colours. The top one will be red, the middle will be green and the bottom one blue. So now that you have half the pattern, knowing to mirror and the stones translated to colours you can fill the spellcaster:

The solution:

top, middle, bottom, bottom, middle, top
bottom, top, middle, middle, top, bottom
top, bottom, middle, middle, bottom, top

Click on the cast button at the bottom and you have your PRINTED SPELL. Talk to the man again and find out the name you shouldn’t mention.

Chaptyer IV: Wally G. Rommit

Walk to the right and enter the Cult of Mlocca again. Use the door on the right and you’ll talk to the priest again. He tries the spell but nothing happens so he suggests you should go to Triolith and check the rings. He’ll add it to the map and send you there.

First you need to repair the power supply: press lines 5, 3, 1, 4, 3 & 5 to restore power. Now the left of the pin will be filled with four rings. The goal is to move them to the pin on the right but you need to fill the pin on the right from bottom to top (brown should get there first) since you’re not allowed to put a ring on the pin with one above it. It looks difficult but it actually is a tower of Hannoi in reverse.

The solution:

blue (1) >, red (1) >>, blue (2) >, green (1) >, blue (3) <<, red (3) <, blue (1) >, brown (1) >>, blue (2) >, red (2) <, blue (3) <<, green (2) >, blue (1) >, red (1) >>, blue (2) >.

On the map, return to Kladen and walk to the right to enter the Cult of Mlocca again. Use the door on the right to report your progress. The spell continues and you end up in the citadel of Doom.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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