Play the arcade game until your boss interrupts you.

You have to collect money for IT-Guy’s birthday and buy Password Master. Use your computer again and look at the emails. There’s a message about food theft. Leave the computer and take the PEN from your desk. Go to Danny.

Talk to Danny and ask him for $20. He’ll give it to you as soon as you make him a sandwich. Walk over to the fridge and take the SANDWICH out. Use the sandwich in the toaster to heat it and then give the toast to Danny. He’ll give the money to you (20/40).

Talk to Keren and ask her for $20 as well. She wants to but hates the guy and wants him to fix the projector first. So, off to IT-Guy. Talk to him and he’ll tell you about the passwords and the distractions. Ask him about the projector. He’ll fix it whenever he has the time.

Talk to Jeff and ask him for the money. He’ll give it if you charge his phone first. He’ll give you his PHONE.  Go to Sandy and talk to her. She only talks to you if you can get rid of the bad smell. You’ll ask her for her charger but you’re not going to get it. Go to the ladies toilet and look in the trash can, the air vent and the cistern until you find the STINK BOMB.

Show the bomb to Sally and she’ll want you to find the one who put it there. When she’s taking the bomb elsewhere, use the shredder to retrieve a shredded order form, or at least, the SIGNATURE. Use the copier to get a blank piece of PAPER. Remember the email? Now that’s something to use to start your investigation.

In your inventory, use the pen on the blank paper and when wondering what to write, use the question mark on the fridge to write a petition. Show the petition to Danny and he’ll sign it. In your inventory use the signature on the petition to compare the signatures and you’ll have the culprit of the stink bomb.

Talk to Sandy again and tell her who it was. She’ll give you the $20 (20/60) but the charger you can’t have. You have to think of something. Use the phone from your inventory and use the phone on Sandy. See that she’s getting her handbag out of her drawer. But she recognizes your voice. When she’s away from her desk, use the drawer to find it locked. Again, you need to think of a way to trick her.

Walk over to IT-Guy and take a BALLOON from him. Use the balloon on yourself to make the helium change your voice. Then use the phone on Sandy again to lure her from her desk. Once she’s gone, use her handbag to get the CHARGER. In your inventory combine the charger with the phone and use them on the socket next to your own desk to charge the phone and then pick up the PHONE again.

Give the phone back to Jeff and he’ll give you the money (20/80). Wait for Jeff to leave his desk and then use his computer to make some noise.  IT-Guy will be annoyed and leave to fix the projector. Once it’s fixed, return to Keren and she’ll give you the money as well (20/100).

Go to your own desk and use the computer. Look at the emails to find a strange one from Jeff but you can’t read it. Use EBay to purchase Password Master and leave the computer. Pick up the PACKAGE from Sandy’s desk and wait for Jeff to leave his computer. Use his computer to see he locked it with a password.

Use the Password Master on yourself to add yourself as recipient and give the present to IT-Guy. He adds the passwords. While everyone is having a break, use your own computer to check your email and find all the passwords of your colleagues. Leave the computer and use the one of Jeff to check his email. There you’ll do some shocking discoveries.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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