You want to find some work.

After your bike crash go to the biology lab in the center back. Talk to Maleko and he’ll tell you to watch for anime characters and send them back to their origin while pretending to clean the hall. He’ll give you a ROPE and a BROOM. Now there are seven characters to capture.Walk south to leave the lab.

Enter the lab again and look at the colored potions on the desk. Talk to Maleko about the potions and he’ll tell you about the sleeping potion. Pick up the tubes one at the time and use them on the microscope to find the one that’s least active. It’s the GREEN POTION. Walk south to leave the lab and on the map select the pub on the left.

Take the Hellsing POSTER from the left of the back wall.  In the corner on the right is Haruko. Talk to her and ask if you can do anything for her. She wants you to get her a drink. On the bar is a drink. Pick up the DRINK and in your inventory use the green potion with the drink. Give the spiked drink to Haruko. She’ll fall asleep after a few seconds. Use the rope with HARUKO and pick up the GUITAR. Take the DarkZero POSTER from the pillar in the middle and leave the pub on the left.

Go to the parking lot and talk to Kazuma. There’s no talking to him so take stronger measures by using the guitar on him. Use the rope to capture KAZUMA. Pick up the COIN that’s on the ground. Talk to Mfu and he’ll tell you you need to learn Japanese first to be allowed to the club.  Leave on the left and on the map go to the student mall.

Talk to Gutz on the left. After the conversation, look at the poster he’s standing next to and use the DarkZero poster on the poster. You need to distract him so tell him that there’s Cascar. He’ll look away and you can swap the posters. Talk to Gutz again and he’ll turn himself in so you’ve captured GUTZ. Pick up the NEWSLETTER on the counter and look at the newsletter in your inventory. Now you know some Japanese.

Talk to Ibishop in the center. Ask him if he’s a goth and when you ask if he’s got more clothes, he’ll give you a COSTUME. Give the costume to Wzzl stranding next to Ibishop and she’ll wear it. She’s being noticed by Spike. But he’s so distracted that you can catch SPIKE with your rope. Leave the mall on the right. On the map select the pub again.

Talk to Shin at the bar. Ask him for alcohol and he’ll tell you you can have a bottle if you donate something. Use the coin on the donation can and talk to Shin again. He’ll give you the bottle of ALCOHOL. Leave the pub on the left and go to the roof. Talk to Alucard. He won’t say anything. Talk to Onizuka and listen to his troubles. Give him the alcohol and after a long conversation he’ll fall down. Leave the roof on the right and go to the biology lab.

Use the green computer screen and click on the ‘Registration’ command. After registration is complete, leave the screen and leave the lab. On the map select the parking lot. Use the rope on ONIZUKA. Talk to Mfu and tell him you’ve learned Japanese. He’ll ask two syllables, the first one is ‘to’ and the second one ‘tsu’. Talk to him again and ask what he’s hiding. He’ll give you a hentai MAGAZINE. Leave the parking lot and go to the mall back entrance.

Talk to N47Q. Ask him what he is and he’ll tell you he’s a zombie killer. Ask him if he kills zombies and he’ll give you his CARD. Look at the card in your inventory to see he copied this card. Talk to him again and tell him about the zombie he can’t kill. Give him the Hellsing poster and he’ll take care of it. Once back on the roof, use the broom on the dust to take ALUCARD.

Leave the roof on the right and go to the student flats on the right. Walk to Griffin’s room on the right and inside talk to him. Ask for the Pringles but you can’t have them. Give him the hentai magazine and the PRINGLES are yours. Leave the room and walk to the right to return to the map. Go to the pub and inside give the Pringles to Sabishi. You can now enter the hall. Use the door to go inside and pick up the COLLAR. Leave the hall again and leave the pub on the left.

Select the student plains on the map and talk to the three girls. Use the collar on Mahoro on the right and the girls will start a fight. After the fight, capture MAHORO. You’ll be in the biology lab again and to return you need to find something valuable. Leave the lab and on the map select the student flats. Talk to Kezbane and ask for the skateboard. He wants something personal as deposit. Give your notebook to Kezbane and you’ll get his SKATEBOARD.

Walk to the right to return to the map and go to the biology lab. Give the skateboard to Maleko and he’ll arrange the return trip.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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