You need to find out why the ship hasn’t joined the fleet yet.

Talk to Ronald sweeping the deck and when you ask for the captain, he’ll point you to the saloon.  Go to the saloon up the stairs behind the mast and find Captain Swift there. Talk to him and you’ll find out he’s very grumpy. He’s not happy with the service. Leave the saloon on the south and return to Ronald. Tell him you need to help him.

Ronald is demoted because he didn’t hear the orders right. Tell him you’ll help him. He’ll tell you what he thought he’d heard and you have to find the real orders. So the first order wasn’t a bear but a BEER. Talk to him again and ask if he wants more help. He’ll tell you about the fruit. But it wasn’t a sherry, it was a CHERRY. Talk again and ask for the next order. The next order was for entertainment. But not a shoe, but a SHOW. Talk again to hear the next order. The flag wasn’t properly visible and it wasn’t the pool but the POLE that needed fixing. These are the orders and when you talk to Ronald again, you’ll hear about his problem with Mr. Sharp.

Go below decks on the right and talk to Mr. Sharp. Tell him you have a message from Ronald. If Mr. Sharp wants to know if Ronald finds him respectable, tell him yes. If he wants to know if he’s amiable, tell him yes again. About pompous, tell him no and stately of course yes. Pretentious is a no and amorous yes. Being obtuse is something you can’t recall him saying. And so Ronald can come down again.

Leave Ms. Sharp and tell Ronald he can get the goods. Walk up the stairs to the saloon. Talk to the captain and he’ll tell you about the pigeon with the message of the coordinates. Talk to Sammy behind the bar. He’ll tell you about his rhyming problem so help him out. BLUE rhymes with you. DREAM rhymes with stream. SEA rhymes with be and BRIGHT rhymes with night. His poem is ready and he wants you to take it to the first mate.He’ll give you the POEM.

Next to the captain on the table is a jar of NUTS. Pick them up and leave the saloon. Go up the ladder on the left and find the first mate there. Give the poem to her and she’ll go and write her own story. Use the telescope and find the pigeon in the mast. Leave the telescope, go down the ladder and climb the rope ladder into the mast. As soon as you get there, the pigeon will fly but leaves the MESSAGE behind. Pick it up and you’ll  go down again. Now you have the message but the captain wanted a pigeon as well.

Use the door on the right to enter the captain’s hut. There’s a parrot that’s just out of reach. Use the nuts on the table and the parrot will fly over to it. But you still can’t pick up the bird. Leave the hut, go up the stairs and climb the ladder on the left to visit the first mate again. Pick up the bucket of WHITE PAINT on the left and since the first mate doesn’t want you to leave with it, use the paint on the pipe to throw it downstairs.

Leave the post and enter the hut on the right again. Pick up the PARROT and in your inventory stick the message on the bird. Leave the hut and go up the stairs to the saloon. Give the bird to the captain and he’ll set sail.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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