You want to get to the party but must lift the curse first.

Use the rock on the right to find a SCORPION TRAINER (1/1). Follow the road to the left to find an inverted tower. Talk to the tower to find Repunzel down there. You need to find a way to get her out. Walk further to the left and find a scorpion in the desert. Use the scorpion trainer on him to scare him off (1/2).

Enter the tunnel the scorpion was guarding and take the LAMP from the altar (1/3). Leave the cave on the right and walk back to the inverted tunnel on the right. Give the lamp to Repunzel in the tunnel and she can wish herself out (1/4). Now that she is, she wants a steed so walk to the right and use the hole in the tree to enter your own house.

There’s space under the bed and when you look there, you’ll find a BLANKET (1/5) and an old SOCK (1/6). Leave the tree and use the blanket on the red wagon standing outside.  Use the sock on the handle of the wagon and you have a mock horse. Use the wagon to push it to the next screen. Walk to the left to return to Repunzel. She’s happy and will give you a SNAKE SLAYER (1/7).

Walk to the right, then to the north to find a venomous snake. Use the snake slayer on the animal (1/8) and you can follow your path. Walk further north to reach Crispin. He can lift the curse.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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