Chapter One:

After you received your instructions, walk to the right to leave the Conference Hall. Walk to the Pupils’ Quarters and enter the door straight ahead of you. It’s the toilet.

Open the first aid cabinet and take the SYRINGE and the BANDAGES out. Leave the toilet and enter the room next to it. It’s your own room. Look at all the stuff and examine the horn. Take the MOUTHPIECE from it and leave the room again, leave the quarters and go to Titronus’ laboratory.

On the floor are some strange DEVICES. Take one. Also take the GLASS from the table. Once you have it you see it’s filled with morphine. Look at the bookcase. A lot of books but one attracts the attention: Paranormal Abilities. Take the paranormal BOOK from the shelf. Leave the lab and go to the Masters’ Quarters.

On the lower level, the second door from the right is Marzialis’ room. You can find out by reading the signs next to the doors. But Marzialis is the one you should see in the temple. Talk to the door and he’ll invite you in. Not after a few moans because he is in pain. Use the syringe with the morphine and use the syringe on Marzialis and he’ll be painfree in no time. He’ll meet you in the temple.

Leave the complex and go to the library. Wow, a lot of books but none you can use so far. Leave the library and go to the temple where Marzialis is already waiting for you. He’ll let you into the temple and you’re allowed to take the HORN. Use your own mouthpiece on the horn and it’ll still sound like sh^@%.

Leave the temple and go back to the library. Tonalis is waiting. Talk to him, but there’s not much usefull coming from him. Give him the paranormal book and he’ll tell you about it and to be carefull with it. He returns the book to you and then the horn absorbs the book and you get a tune in your head. Leave the library and go back to the Pupils’ Quarters.

Talk to the fourth door from the right and you are invited in. Harry is practicing his intrument. Talk to Harry and ask him all he knows of Tritonus. It was his teacher. Show Harry the strange device and he’ll tell you about the Anti Bunny Trap. It’s to protect you against pink bunnies. The horn absorbs the strange device also and you get another melody in your head. Leave the room and the quarters and go back to Tritonus’ Lab.

Look at the metal platine in the middle of the room. It looks hollow. It also looks like the lampshade has something to do with it. Look at your horn and play the telekinetic tune to the lampshade. A secret passage will reveal. Walk down the stairs towards the darkness.

Chapter Two:

Walk further down the stairs towards the blue light. Downstairs you’ll find the large tuning fork. Tritonus is also here and after a little conversation he’ll use the fork and try to kill you. You can escape by using the stairs. Halfway you stop and walk back towards the blue light again.

Tritonus will try again to use the giant fork but has to take his time. Use this moment to look at the horn and play the pink bunny tune to the floor space between Tritonus and you. Tritonus will be chased by a pink bunny. That’s the end of him and the threat to the world.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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