Note: I played the TRS80 Color Computer version with VCC

You’re in the control room of a submarine.

LOOK COMPUTER to see that one circuit board is missing. GO UP to the conning tower where there’s a storage cabinet. OPEN CABINET followed by LOOK CABINET to see the computer circuit board. TAKE BOARD and GO DOWN again back to the control room.

PUT BOARD and when asked where, answer COMPUTER. Now that the computer is online again, you’ll receive a warning of the reactor temperature rising. GO FORWARD into the galley where you’ll find a hatch and a sink. LOOK SINK to find gloves and matches. TAKE GLOVES.


GO AFT and GO DOWN into the battery room. Since you’ve got the gloves, you can TAKE BATTERIES. Return upstairs by GO UP and back to the galley with GO FORWARD. In here OPEN HATCH and GO FORWARD into the crew’s quarters.

The hatch here is corroded so can’t be opened. When you LOOK BATTERIES you’ll notice the acid so PUT ACID on the HATCH and you can open it. DROP BATTERIES. Since you can hear water sloshing around below you should HOLD BREATH and GO DOWN.

The water is very cold and you can only hold your breath for so long so OPEN CHEST and then GO UP again for the next bit of air. HOLD BREATH, then GO DOWN and LOOK CHEST to find the scuba gear. TAKE SCUBA and now you can breath under water. OPEN LOCKER and LOOK LOCKER to find a lantern. TAKE LANTERN and GO UP again to the surface.

GO FORWARD into the torpedo room. The tube would be a way to escape but there’s a torpedo in there. So you need to remove that first.  GO AFT, then TAKE CHAIR and GO AFT to the galley and GO AFT again to the control room. FIRE TORPEDO will free the escape tube.

OPEN HATCH to notice it’s stuck. HIT HATCH with the CHAIR to open it completely. DROP CHAIR and  GO AFT into the missile room. GO AFT again into the reactor room. LOOK UP to see the leaky pipes dripping water. Maybe you can do something with that. GO AFT one final time into the engine room. GO DOWN into the tool room and TAKE SLEDGEHAMMER. Now GO UP and GO FORWARD back to the reactor room.

HIT PIPES with the SLEDGEHAMMER and the ship will be flooded, dropping the core temperature which is good and killing the computer and electricity putting you in the dark which is not so good. But when you LIGHT LANTERN you can see again.

You can DROP SLEDGEHAMMER and GO FORWARD into the missile room. GO FORWARD again into the control room and the GO DOWN into the battery room. Since there’s water, there’s also an electric eel. Make sure you still have the gloves otherwise you can’t TAKE ELECTRIC eel. GO UP to return to the control room.

GO FORWARD into the galley and GO FORWARD once more into the crew’s quarters. There’s a hungry eel here but because of the electric eel, when you SHOO EEL it’ll move and you can DROP ELECTRIC eel.  GO FORWARD into the torpedo room.

OPEN TUBE to get access to the torpedo tubes and then GO TUBE to go outside.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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