Note: I played the C64 version with WinVice.

You must find the president of Paranoids Anonymous.

From the main hall GO EAST into a dark alley where there are some cans. To see what’s inside  GO CAN and climb in. Now you can TAKE CROWBAR.  To get out again GO UP  and GO NORTH to the back porch. There’s a railing here which you can take if you PRY RAILING to get the nails out and then TAKE RAILING to carry it. GO WEST to the parking lot where there’s a lamppost. GO LAMP to climb in and then DROP RAILING to make a bridge and to be able to GO ROOF.

LISTEN VENTILATOR to overhear a conversation and find out the password. Note this, it’s a random one! GO WEST back to the top of the lamppost and GO DOWN back to the parking lot. GO SOUTH to the main entrance and RING BELL. When asked for the password, tell them the one you’ve heard earlier. You’ll be pulled into the foyer.


There’s a sofa, chandelier and plant. GO SOFA and PULL CHANDELIER to reveal an opening in the wall. D to climb down from the sofa.

[Note: To get down from the sofa, the command GO DOWN crashes the game with an undef’d statement error in line 790. To overcome this, change line 790 into:
790 IFS3AND(B$=”DOWN”)THEN1360
The abbreviated command D works without any modifications.]

TAKE SOFA with you and TAKE PALM. With the wall opened, GO NORTH into the lecture hall and GO WEST into the lounge. There’s a cupboard and an aquarium here. LOOK AQUARIUM. There are keys in there. But you can’t reach them so DROP PALM, and DROP SOFA. Now GO SOFA and try to get them again, still no luck, there’s a piranha in there.

OPEN CUPBOARD and TAKE SPOON and try to get the keys again. The water is too deep. TAKE MUG from the cupboard and TAKE WATER from the fish tank and try to get the keys. Still too deep. PUT WATER into the PALM and TAKE WATER again. Keep trying this until you can get the keys: you need three cups of water, so PUT WATER and put it in the PALM again. TAKE WATER again, Now you can TAKE KEYS. You don’t need the spoon anymore so DROP SPOON.

D to climb down of the sofa again and UNLOCK DOOR. This enables you to OPEN DOOR. Now GO NORTH again into tiny room with a mirror. There’s not much to see (not even your own image) but when you PRY MIRROR, you’ll discover an opening behind it. GO NORTH and TAKE BATTERIES.

GO SOUTH back into the tiny room, GO SOUTH into the lounge and GO SOUTH again into the office.  Inside you’ll find a cabinet which you can open with OPEN CABINET. Inside the cabinet you can see a flashlight but you can’t take it yet. DROP KEYS and then TAKE FLASHLIGHT.

PUT BATTERIES into the FLASHLIGHT and TAKE KEYS again. Now PRY CABINET to reveal some stairs. To be able to go down there LIGHT FLASHLIGHT and GO DOWN to be greeted by a nice Doberman. You need to get rid of him! DROP KEYS, but don’t drop the flashlight here! GO UP and DROP FLASHLIGHT.

GO NORTH into the lounge. TAKE TRAY and  TAKE SOFA and GO EAST and GO SOUTH into the foyer. DROP SOFA and return to the lounge by GO NORTH and GO WEST.

GO NORTH into the tiny room and GO NORTH again into the narrow passage behind the mirror. OPEN DOOR to be able to GO NORTH onto the back porch. PRY RAILING and DROP CROWBAR. Then TAKE RAILING. From here GO WEST onto the parking lot and GO LAMPPOST to climb it. To get onto the roof, DROP RAILING and GO ROOF. Here you’ll have to LISTEN VENTILATOR again because the password has changed.

GO WEST and then GO DOWN back to the parking lot. From here GO NORTH and GO EAST to the garbage can. GO CAN to climb in and TAKE GARBAGE. To get back in to the property, GO UP and GO SOUTH to the entrance and RING BELL. When asked for the password, give the second one you heard.

You’re in the foyer. If you hadn’t put the sofa here before, you’d now be stuck. But since we’ve put it here, GO SOFA and PULL CHANDELIER. An opening to the north will now be revealed. GO DOWN from the sofa and GO NORTH into the lecture hall. GO WEST into the lounge and GO SOUTH into the office.

TAKE FLASHLIGHT and LIGHT FLASHLIGHT to be able to GO DOWN the stairs and DROP GARBAGE to get rid of the Doberman. GET KEYS and then UNLOCK CLOSET. Finally you can OPEN CLOSET to find the president!

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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