With Intro:

Walk north into the hospital to follow your brother.

Without intro:

Use the door on the left to enter the hallway to the morgue and use the locker to find a old SOCK inside. Walk north on the left to find your brother again and he’ll tell you about the missing chicken. You need to find it. Walk south to leave the room and walk to the right to the main hall. From here go south to leave the hospital.


Walk south again into the streets of Reality and slightly to the right where Elandra will call for your help. You need to find Davy for her. Enter the apartment block on the right and use the door in the middle to enter your own apartment. Use the yellow rug to find a Reality DOLLAR under it and use the cupboard to take a COAT HANGER out.

Use the door to leave the apartment and walk down the stairs on the right to return to the street of Reality. Walk over to the car on the left and use the coat hanger to unlock the car and reveal a yellow lever. Use the lever to pop the trunk and find a FLASHLIGHT.

The Yahtzeebrand General Store is still open so go inside and take the tin of ATOMIC BEANS from the shelf to buy them for 1 dollar. Leave the shop again and walk to the left into the alley. Search the box to get a PAINTBRUSH from it. Talk to the bum and ask if he knows where to find Davy. He can tell you but wants something nice in return. Leave the alley and on the right and walk north behind the car to return to the hospital.

Go inside and use the door on the left to enter the corridor ans walk north to see your brother again. Talk to him and ask about the whiskey until he gives you the BOTTLE OF SCOTCH. Walk south to leave the room and to the right back to the main lobby. Walk south again to leave the hospital and to the right into the street of Reality.

Go left into the alley and give the bottle of scotch to the bum. The bum will now reveal where he saw the chicken. Walk to the right to leave the alley and all the way to the right into the forest. Follow the forest path north to the entrance of the cave and enter the cave. Use your flashlight on the hole in the back wall and crawl through. You’ll end up in another cave where you’ll find Davy and the remains of the chicken.

Talk to Davy and he’ll suggest that you get the spell book from his house. Walk south to return to the other part of the cave and south again to go outside. Walk left into the forest and left again to return to the street of Reality. Davy’s house is to the right of the Yahtzeebrand General Store but the door is locked.

Stand in front of Davy’s door, facing the Yahtzeebrand General Store and in your inventory use the lighter with the beans. This will cause an eruption and will blast the door open. Enter Davy’s house and use the drawer in the desk to get Davy’s SPELLBOOK out.

Leave the house and walk to the right to enter the forest again and walk the path north to the cave. Enter the cave and use the flashlight on the dark tunnel to crawl to the other side. Give the spellbook to Davy and he’ll tell you which ingredients to get. Walk south to crawl through to the other side and walk south again to leave the cave.

Walk to the left into the forest and on the ground, next to the tree on the right, there’s a little LEAF. Pick it up and walk left into the street of Reality. Walk to the left and enter Scid’s. The biker at the table is now gone so you can take his MUG. Leave the store again and go to the Yahtzeebrand General Store.

If you’ve talked to the clerk before and asked him when he closes, you know he starts drooling. So use the mug on the clerk to collect the DROOL. Leave the store and walk all the way to the right to the forest. Follow the path north to the cave and go in. Use the flashlight on the tunnel to crawl to the other side and return to Davy again.

In your inventory, put the leaf in the mug and add the smelly sock to it. Dip the paintbrush in the mug and then use the paintbrush on the bars of the cage. Davy will cast the spell and the cage will be removed. But then the chicken will return. Use the mug with leftover potion on the chicken.


Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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