This game consists of two chapters:


You start in a cupboard. Next to you is a credit card. TAKE CARD to pick it up. Walk SOUTH to enter the back room.

Although dark, you can feel a box and a chicken. LOOK BOX to discover a coin and a piece of bread. TAKE COIN and TAKE BREAD. It’s old bread and when you BREAK BREAD you’ll give it to the chicken who will die and you’ll take the chicken with you. LOOK COIN to see the image of an old man with a grey beard.

Walk SOUTH to return to the cupboard and walk WEST from here into the alley. There’s a homeless man here so TALK TO HOMELESS to discover that he lost something. GIVE COIN TO HOMELESS and as thanks he’ll give you a key. On top of the jukebox is a book. GET BOOK.


Walk WEST to return to the cupboard and EAST to the Yahtzeebrand General Store.  There’s a shovel so BUY SHOVEL. GIVE BOOK TO CLERK and in return you’ll get a piece of cheese. Walk SOUTH back to the cupboard and in front of the mouse hole  DROP CHEESE. A mouse will shoot out of its hole and you’ll catch it. TALK TO MOUSE and in return it’ll give you a big key.

Go NORTH to the church. There’s a small animal here. TALK TO ANIMAL to learn that his entrance collapsed. GIVE SHOVEL TO ANIMAL and you’ll get a book in return.

Use the key to UNLOCK DOOR and you’ll find another door behind it. It has a large keyhole. UNLOCK KEYHOLE to use the big key and enter the room behind it.


Inside the church GET CHICKEN. The other chicken is still there. To distract it TALK TO OTHER CHICKEN and now you can take the fuel. Walk NORTH to find your starship. FILL TANK to fuel up the starship but then the chicken intervenes.


Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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