You are in a foggy street.

Walk NORTH to reach a theater (5/5). A huge fish is lying at your feet.TAKE FISH, then EXAMINE FISH to notice the big bulge in it. OPEN FISH to discover the key (15/20). TAKE KEY and walk WEST into a forest. Walk NORTH to the blazing flames. To not get burnt, walk EAST to an open patch.

Walk SOUTH to the foggy street again and EAST into a bedroom (10/30). You’re now with your grandfather. You can TAKE CIGAR and walk NORTH to the foggy street again. Walk WEST to reach a cobble street and from here walk SOUTH into the hospital. You can see how your child is born.

Walk EAST to enter a parlor where you’ll have a romantic time with Cora. Go NORTH to the foggy street, then WEST to return to the cobble street. Walk WEST to the foggy street and EAST to enter the study (20/50). Morris shows you a small book that’s locked. TAKE BOOK and then UNLOCK BOOK WITH KEY and then OPEN BOOK. You can try to READ BOOK but it’s an odd language.

Walk NORTH onto a frozen lake (25/75)  and from here walk WEST to return to your front door.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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