You must repair the NES as soon as possible.  Leave your room and go downstairs. Open the front door and outside enter Memorial Park.

Memorial Park:

On the left side of the park is Matt playing with his yoyo. He’s standing near a trashcan. On top of the trashcan is a flyer. Look at the flyer to find the address of the  Tech Store. Now you know where to go. Leave the park and go to the Tech Store.

Tech Store:

Give the NES to the technician. After a few minutes he’s found the problem. A broken board. Fortunately we know where to go. Open the metallic cupboard next to the kid and take the BRA and the MOP out. Leave the store and go to the Geek Place to the left of the shop.

Geek Place:

Talk to Mr. T and ask him for a Ricoh circuit board. He has one but will only give it to you in exchange for a sexy picture of your sister. Let’s see what we can do for him. Let’s go home.


In the living room is on the table a bowl with exotic fruit. One of the fruits is a MELON. Take it and go upstairs. In your own room take the CAMERA from your bed. Go to the bathroom and take the MAKEUP SET from the sink. Use the makeup set on the melon, use the mop on the melon and use the melon on the bathrobe hangen on the wall. Use your camera to make a picture. Go downstairs and leave the house. Back to the geek.

Geeks Place:

Give the picture to Mr. T. He suspects it’s a fake but hey, a deal is a deal. He’ll give you the CIRCUIT BOARD. Take the LIGHT SABER from the shelf and the CHINESE FOOD from the trash can.  Leave Mr. T. and go back to the Tech Shop.

Tech Store:

Give the circuit board to the technician. He can work with that and only needs $50. Where do we get those?  Leave the shop again and go to Memorial Park.

Memorial Park:

On the right side of the park is an old lady feeding the pigeons. Talk to the lady and she’ll tell you she’s lost her wallet. Look around. It’s not in the grass. Maybe in the bushes?  Try to pull the left one behind the lady. There you go. A WALLET. Look in the wallet.  Try to open it. It has an ID and a lot of money. Now we can pay the technician…. No way! We’re honest and return the wallet to the old lady. When we give her the wallet, she rewards us with a $20 NOTE. Wow, half way our repair! Eeehhh… no it’s not. Now we don’t have any money any more.

Next to you is a ROCK on the floor.  Pick it up. Walk to the left side of the park where Matt is still standing. Talk to him ad ask him where you can find Jun the Bully. He’ll tell you a new location: the alley. Let’s see what we can find there.

The Alley:

Jun is standing there, once in a while painting something on the wall. In the box with trash in front of you, you can see a broken slingshot. When you try to take it, Jun will object. Now sometimes Jun has to look at the wall. At that moment you can take the SLINGSHOT. Use the bra on the slingshot to repair it. Now for some ammo. Use the rock on the chinese food  to make it a bit heavier. Then use the heavy projectile with the slingshot to create a loaded slingbra. Use the slingbra on Jun and he’ll take the full load. The BILL is on the floor. Take it. Leave the alley and go back home.


Go upstairs to your room. Use the saber on your piggy bank to open your savings account and pickup the COINS.  No way! 29 coins? That means that I’m one coins short! Bummer! Leave your room and go downstairs. Hey! What’s that on the corner of the carpet? Looks like a missing COIN. Pick it up and leave the house, back to the Tech Store.

Tech Store:

Give the $20 bill, the coin and the 29 coins to the technician. He’ll start the repair as soon as possible and ask you to come back later. You’ll leave the shop. But impatient as you are, you enter the shop again and talk to the technician. He’s almost finished but needs a cartridge. Fortunately you have a few at home. Let’s go there.


Look at the cupboard next to the kitchen door. All your NES games are in it and your parents keep the key because you can inly play in weekends. Open the door to the kitchen where you can find your mum. Ask her for a favor. Ask her to open the cupboard. She won’t. Tell her it’s to test your broken NES and she’ll give you the key as soon as she’s finished her work. Oh yes!. But can we wait? Nope. Talk to her again. She’ll give you the key as soon as you’ve fed the goldfish. She gives you a can of FISHFOOD. Go up the stairs and use the food on the goldfish. Go back down again and talk to mother again. She’ll give you the KEY.

Use the key on the cupboard and take one of the NES games out. Leave the house and go back to the Tech Store.

Tech Store:

Give the game to the technician and a few minutes later your NES is fixed. You can use it again. You’ve finished your mission.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. Shitty game! Puzzles are unrealistic and how the fuck are you supposed to notice the chinese food in the trash when it FUCKING BLENDS IN TO THE ENVIROMENT!!!

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