Pick up the FLOWER standing in the window. Walk to the left twice and meet the White Rook. Talk to the rook and ask him if you can enter the castle. You can but must do some tests first.

Test 1:

All the positions the rook can go: A4, B4, C4, E4, F4, G4, H4, D1, D2, D3, D5, D6, D7 & D8 (14 points).

You can now enter the castle. Try all doors, you can’t open any. Go back to the rook and ask for the second test.


Test 2:

To collect the coins, move to: G1, G4, H4, G4, G3, F3, F2, E2, D2, D1, B1, B3, A3, A4, C4, C6, F6, F5, F6, H6, H8, D8, A8 & A6 (7 points).

You’ll receive a PARCEL that sould go to the bisshop. Take a look at the parcel to see what symbol is on it. Enter the castle and go to the door on the right. It has the same symbol. Talk to the bisshop. To show that you’re worthy of talking to the bisshop, he wants you to do a test.

Test 3:

The positions the bisshop can go: B1, D3, E4, F5, G6, H7, D1, B3 & A4 (9 points).

Now that you’re worthy, give the parcel to the bisshop. It’s a bible and not for him but for the queen. The bisshop thinks you’re to stupid to deliver the bible. Talk to the bisshop and tell him you can deliver the parcel. But then you first have to do another test.

Test 4:

To let the moles face forward go: A6, C8, E6, G8, H7, F5, H3, G2, E4 & C2 (9 points).

The bisshop is impressed and gives you the BIBLE to take to the queen. Go to the left and use to door in the north. There’s the queen but she has a temper. As soon as you try to talk to her she shouts at you. Give her your flower and she’s willing to talk to you. She asks you several questions (you have to ask them yourself) and when you’ve answered them all, she wants to take the rooks head because he let you pass. He can keep his head if you can succeed another test.

Test 5:

All the postitions the queen can go: B4, A3, C4, C3, C2, C1, D4, E3, F2, G1, D5, E5, F5, G5, H5, D6, E7, F8, C6, C7, C8, B6, A7, B5 & A5 (25 points).

She’s impressed, the rook can live. But now it’s the bisshops turn. Tell the queen that is was the bisshop who gave you the bible and she wants it. Give the bible to the Queen. She opens the bible to find a rose covered in blood. She spills it over herself and she wants to wash in the garden. Another test for you to help her.

Test 6:

To help the queen, use: H1, F3, B3, A4, E8, G6, H7 & H8 (1 point).

She wants you to take the rose to the King. Pick up the ROSE and go to the right. Talk to the King and tell him about the queen and the bible. It’s a sign form the Black King to declare war. Ask the King about his problems. He has forgotten how he can move and you must do a test to show him how he can move.

Test 7:

The King can go to: D4, E4, F4, F5, F6, E6, D6 & D5 (8 points).

It’s coming back to him but he needs some more practice. Talk to the King again and ask for the next test.

Test 8:

To get the coins but not the bunnies go to: B6, C5, D4, C3, C2, B1, C2, C3, D4, E4, F4, G3, H2, G1, F1, E2, F1, G1, H2, G3, F4, E4, D5, C5, B6, B7, C8, D7, E8, F8 & G7 (3 points).

Now the King remembers again! To prepare for the war, he gives you the SUMMONS to take to the Knight. Walk south and to the left. Enter the door on the left. Try to take the sword out of the stone and the Knight will appear. Talk to him and ask him about the moves of the Knight. He’ll give you another test.

Test 9:

The locations the Knight can go: G5, G7, F8, D8, C7, C5, D4 & F4 (8 points).

The Knight will tell you a bit more about the moves and when he’s finished ask him to show some more jumping. He’ll give you another test.

Test 10:

To collect the coins go to: D2, E4, G3, H1, G3, E4, C3, D5, C7, A8, C7, D5, C3, E4, G5, F7 & H8 (3 points).

Give the summons to the Knight. Talk to him and tell him to go to the King. He’ll leave you. The Knight told you not to, but take the SWORD with you. Walk to the right The to the north where the Queen is. The to the right to the King. Talk to the King and ask hium about the Black King. You’ll now learn about the other pieces on the board. Leave the king. Walk to the south and to the left to leave the room. Then go south to leave the cave. Walk to the right to the well. Use the sword to get the fruit from the tree. You manage to catch the FRUIT but drop the sword into the well. What are we going to say to the King? Or the Knight, or the Rook? Drop the fruit in the well.

Switch to the Black Pawn:

Walk towards the treestump on the left. You’re just too short to look in. Enter your house and go upstairs. When you stand in front of the window, you can look into the stump. It’s red. Leave the house and go to the left. Enter the cave on the left side. So that’s where the sword went to. Pick up the SWORD and take the FRUIT from the bottom of the lake. Leave the cave. Go to the north.

The Black Rook doesn’t want to let you in but since you have a sword you have an advantage. Talk to the Rook and ask him to open the gate. He’ll ask you to do a few simple tasks first before opening the gate. Agree and do a task.

Test 11:

To capture all the pawns: H2, F2, B2, B3, C3, G3, G4, D4, D5, D7 & A7 (8 points).

Ask the Rook again if you can enter the castle. No, you still have to do another task.

Test 12:

To capture all pawns: H7, F7, F3, G3, H3, H2, H1, F1, F2, D2, D1, B1, B2, B3, C3, D3, D4, D5, B5, B7 & A7 (8 points).

You can now enter the castle. To the right and left are doors. Try to open them but they are locked. Walk to the north. Below you see another door. Try to open that one. Also no luck. Walk further to the right, throught the cave and then to the left to yet another door. Will this one open? Also not. Walk the way back you came to the Rook and ask him the way to open the doors. He’ll tell you if you ask nicely. The passcode of ech door is the same as the postition of the piece at the start of the battle. So yet another task.

Test 13:

To put the pieces back to their starting position: G5-H5, H5-H8, B6-A6, A6-A8, C4-A5, A5-C6, C6-B8, D5-B7, B7-C8, F6-E7, E7-F8, E8-F6, F6-G8, C7-D7, D7-E8, G7-D7, D7-D8 (8 points)

Now that you know how to open the doors, enter the castle again. Go to the door on the left, the one of the Bisshop. His position is C8. Talk to the door and enter this as password. The door will open and you can walk to the left. Meet the Bisshop. Talk to the Bisshop and tell him you will be the greatest pawn ever. He’ll have another test for you.

Test 14:

To threaten all the flags: C8-F5, F8-H6, H6-D2, D2-B4 (1 point). F5-E4, E4-D5, B4-E1, E1-G3, G3-B8 (1 point). D5-A2, B8-E5 (1 point), E5-G3, A2-E6, E6-H3 (1 point), G3-F2, F2-E3, H3-E6, E6-B3, B3-C2 (1 point), C2-F5, F5-G4, E3-F4 (1 point).

As a reward you get a CANDLE from the Bisshop. Leave to the right and talk to the door on the right. Since it’s the door of the Knight, it must be passcode B8. The door opens and you can enter the room. Talk to the Knight. Ask him to show some moves and he’ll tell you he won’t. You’ll learn about the war that’s going to start soon. Ask him if he’s ready and he’ll tell you he needs some practicing. Ask him if you can watch and he’ll show you the next test.

Test 15:

To collect all the coins: C6, D4, F5, E3, C4, E5, D3, C5, E6, F4, D5, F6, E4, C3, E4, D6, F5, D4 & F3 (16 points).

As a reward the Knight gives you a piece of STRING. Leave the room and talk to the door on the left again. Since there are two Bisshops, use F8 as a passcode this time. Enter the room and talk to the (second) Bisshop. Ask him for a game and he’ll show you another test.

Test 16:

To get the pawns in nine steps: G4, E2, F1, G2, D5, F7, B3, A4, C2 (8 points).

The reward this time is a DEAD FISH. Leave the Bisshop and go back to the right. Talk to the door on the right and this time use the code of the other Knight: G8. Talk to the Knight and ask him to jump over the ditch. Ask him for another lesson and he’ll give you another test.

Test 17:

To jump and only use each square once: C6, E5, D3, C5, E6, F4, D5, F6, E4, D6, C4, E3, F5, D4 & F3 (15 points).

As reward you ask for the WHISTLE. Leave the Knight and go to the north. The first door you encounter is the one of the Queen so when you talk to the door, use D8 as password. Enter the room. You’re just in time to feed the worms. Give the fruit to the worms. Since that fruit can only grow on white trees, the Queen thinks you’re a spy. Tell her you’re not. To show her that you’ve learnt a lot, she wants you to do four tests. Do them one by one.

Test 18:

To collect the coins: D6, C5, D4, C4, B3, E6, G6, H5, G4, G2, F1, F3 & E3 (4 points).

Test 19:

To collect the coins: H8, H1, H8, A8, A1, F6, F1, G2, F2, C5, C1, B2, C2, D2 & E2 (6 points).

Test 20:

To defeat all the white pieces and collect the coin: E1, D3, B2, A4, B6, A4, C3, D1, E3, G4, H6, G4, E3, C2, B4, C6, D8, E6, G7, F5, D4 & B5 (1 point)

Test 21:

To collect the coin: D8-E7, C8-B7, B7, E7, H4, D4 (1 point).

Now that you’ve done all tests, you can see the King. Leave the room and walk to the right, through the cave and up to the door of the King. Talk to the door and enter E8 as password. You can enter the room and talk to the King. Don’t argue with the King but agree that the Queen is the most important piece. You’ll receive a CLOTH PACKAGE. The King will send you on your way. Look at the cloth package to get the BADGE OF HONOUR with D7 on it, and the CLOTH. Go to the exit of the castle. From there, go south and to the left into the cave.

Switch to the White Pawn:

Look into the well to find the sword gone. Walk to the left and talk to the Rook. Explain that you lost the sword and the Rook will tell you the meaning of the sword. You tell him you dropped it in the well and he’ll give you a ROPE to climb down the well. Walk to the right and go to the well. Use the rope on the well to see what you can catch.

As the Black Pawn:

In your inventory, tie the piece of string to the dead fish and tie that to the rope that’s lowered from the well.

As the White Pawn:

You get the rope and take the fish and string from the rope. Lower the rope again.

As the Black Pawn:

Tie the candle to the rope.

As the White Pawn:

Take the rope up and take the candle from the rope. Leave the well and walk to the right, past your house and to the right again into the desert. Walk all the way to the right until it’s too hot and the wax melts. In front of your house, where it’s a bit cooler, use the wax on the fish. Walk back to the left to the well and drop the fish in the well.

As the Black Pawn:

Pick up the FISH and leave the cave. Walk to the right to the tree stump and use the fish on the stump. The wax from the fish will stick to the red thing you saw earlier. You can just see a little piece of the fish but you’re just to short to grab it. Leave to the left and walk to the raven. Use the whistle on the raven. The raven will fly to the stump. Walk to the right to see the fish and the raven are gone.

As the White Pawn:

Walk twice to the right into the desert again. There’s something red left behind. Pick it up to see that it’s a GRUBBY STONE. Walk to the left twice and drop the stone into the well.

As the Black Pawn:

Walk to the left and enter the cave again. Pick up the STONE from the water, use the cloth on the stone to get a POLISHED STONE, then use this on the creature standing next to you. It starts to speak in a language you can actually understand. Talk to the critter and it will tell you more about it’s origin and the other pawns. He wants to show you seven examples. Take them in turn.

Example 1:

The locations the pawns can go: B5, C5, D6, D2, E5 and G3 (6 points).

Example 2:

The locations the pawns can go: B3, B4, C3, C4, D5, E3, E4, F3, F4, G4, H3, H4, H6, H5, G5, F6, F5, E6, E5, D6 (and D5 but it’s already selected by the white pawn), C6, C5, B6 and B5 (24 points).

Example 3:

The locations the pawn are threatening: A3, B3, C3, D3, D5, F5, H5, E6, C5 and A5 (10 points).

Example 4:

To change the pawns: A2-A4, A4-B5, B5-B6, B6-B7, B7-B8 (change to Horse). E2-E4, E4-E5, E5-E6, E6-E7, E7-E8 (change to Bisshop). E8-A4, A4-D1, B8-C6, C6-E5, E5-F3, F3-H4 (2 points).

Example 5:

To collect the coin: D3-D4, E3-E4, E4-E5, D4-E5, F3-F4, F4-F5, F5-F6, E5-F6, F6-F7, F7-F8 (change to Bisshop). F8-G7, G7-A1 (1 point).

Example 6:

To collect the coin: B2-B4, B1-A3, A3-C4, C4-B6, B6-D7, D7-B8 (1 point).

Example 7:

To collect the coin in nine moves: E1-G3,  H2-G3, G3-G4, G4-G5, G5-G6, G6-G7, G7-G8 (change to Knight). G8-F6, F6-D7, D7-B6 (1 point).

Now that you’ve completed all examples, the critter asks you to return the sword to the white pawn. If you don’t you’ll never leave the cave again. Try to leave to the right and the White Rook will stop you. Talk to the critter again and ask him what the word Zugzwang means.

As the White Pawn:

Lower the rope into the well.

As the Black Pawn:

Since you have no other choice, tie the sword to the rope.

As the White Pawn:

You pull up the rope and find the sword again. Walk to the left and talk to the Rook. Tell him you’ve got the sword back. The Rook will leave to the battle field and asks you to follow him. Go to the left.

Test 22:

To perform castling: E1-G1 (1 point)

Test 23:

To perform castling: E1-C1 (1 point).

Test 24:

To perform castling: B1-A3, D1-D6, D6-H6, E1-C1 (1 point).

Now that you know the castle move, talk to the King. Tell him you have the sword and be honest. He’ll reward you with a BADGE OF HONOUR. Ask the King for the rules of the battle. He’ll explain it to you but the Rook has something to say as well so when the King is finished go over to the Rook and talk to him. He’ll explain you the term Check and Checkmate by some tests and puzzles.

Test 25:

To stop the check: E1-D1 (1 point).

Test 26:

To stop the check: A1-H8 (1 point).

Test 27:

To stop the check: G1-F3 (1 point).

Checkmate Puzzle 1:

Checkmate in one move: B1-B8 (1 point).

Checkmate Puzzle 2:

Checkmate in three moves: B2-G2, A3-A6, A6-H6 (1 point).

Checkmate Puzzle 3:

Checkmate in three moves: F1-B5, A1-E1, E1-E8 (1 point).

Checkmate Puzzle 4:

Checkmate in three moves: F3, H4 and G6 (1 point).

Checkmate Puzzle 5:

Checkmate in one move: D3-H7 (1 point).

Checkmate Puzzle 6:

Checkmate: E1-E2, E2-E3, D1-D4, D4-E4, E3-F4, E4-E5, E5-F5, F4-G5, F5-F6, F6-E7, G5-G6, E7-G7 (1 point).

Checkmate Puzzle 7:

Checkmate in one move: C3-D5 (1 point)

Now that you know all the rules, let the battle begin!

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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