You have to get out of your cage. Luckily that bird dropped a hairpin into your cage. Pick up the HAIRPIN and use it on the cagedoor. This will get you out. Now the easiest way to help your friends is one by one. First we’ll have to open the front gate.Walk to the left and look at the gate. It’s locked. To the right is a security box that keeps the safe and the gate locked by a code. So we have to find the code.

Front door:

Walk to the south to your own cage and then south again to the cage of the waterrat. On the door on the left of the cage is a note. Read it. This will tell you the order in which you have to assemble the code for the safe. There are four locations: the kangaroo (your own cage), the waterrat (your standing there now), the butterfly fish (to the left) and the koala (at the fish to the north and to the right). The note on the door will tell you which note to find first. Go to that location and read the sign on the cage of that animal. The text holds a number. Note the number. The find the note as told and it will direct you to a next location. Read the sign (and learn a bit about animals), get the note and go to the next etc. until you have a combination of four digits.

Return to the front door and use the control unit. Push the ON button, press 2 for safe and enter the code you’ve assembled. When done correct the safe will open for 30 seconds, but time enough for you to get the KEY out.

Walk back to the waterrat and use the key on the door on the left. Open the door and enter the locker room. Open the first locker and take the KEY out. Open the locker on the right and get the WIRE out. Look at the coat on the hanger. Look in the pockets and find a little NOTE with a code: the code to the front gate. Leave the room and walk to the left to the front gate. Use the control box again, press the ON button and press 1 for main gate.

Enter the code as written on the little piece of paper you found. The use the key you found in the locker. The gate is now unlocked. Open the panel with the flash on it and find the BATTERIES behind it. Take them out and leave the control unit.

The front door can now be opened!

Wilma the Waterrat:

Walk to the south to your own cage and open the door on the left of it. It’s the maintenance room. Take the SHOVEL and the yellow STEPS out. Open the box on the wall on the left. There’s a SCREWDRIVER in it. Walk to the south and use the screwdriver on the four screws in the glass panel. Since you have the steps, you can also reach the top ones.

The glass panel will come off and shatter to the ground. Before Wilma can get out, we need to clear this mess first. Behind you is a VACUUM CLEANER. Take it. Use the batteries from your inventory and use it on the vacuum cleaner. Use the vacuum cleaner to get rid of the glass. Once it’s gone, Wilma is free and will go to John and his ship.

Freddie the Butterfly Fish:

Go to the left and look at Freddie. How are we going to take him with us? A bit hidden behind the wall is a BEACH BALL. Pick it up and walk back to the front gate. In the tree on the left is something strange. Use the beachball on the strange thing and it will fall out of the tree. Only now you discover that it’s a SCATEBOARD. Look in the trashcan and discover there’s a COIN left behind. Walk back to the cage of Wilma. Look at her power station. It’s still running. Play a bit with the wheel. That was funny. Play with it again and it will break off. You take the WHEEL with you. Go to the right to the fish. To the right is a gum machine. Use the coin on the vending machine and take the GUM out. Use the gum on yourself to chew it but it doesn’t taste good.

Now for the fish: Kick (use) the table with the tank on it. A white drop zone-circle will appear to the right of the table. Now we need something to land it on. Use the chewed gum that’s sticky on the scateboard. Then use the scateboard on the landing zone. Kick (use) the table three times to wiggle the tank off and land on the scateboard. It looked like a powerstation… Use the wheel on the tank. Then use the wire on the wheel and Freddie is ready. He can join Wilma.

Kelvin the Koala:

Walk to the north and to the right. How do we get Kelvin out? Talk to Kelvin several times until he suggests to go to Andy at the port. He can tell you where the Home of Pets is. Walk back to the main gate and go through. On the map select the port. Talk to Andy and ask him where to find the Home of Pets. He’ll tell you and when you walk to the left, you can select the Home Of Pets on the map.

Walk towards the church and turn right there. You’re at the cemetary. No to find a big bone for the dog, we need a big grave. How about that different coloured piece of grass? That’s a massive grave. Use your shovel on the grass to dig a hole and find a BONE. Leave the cemetary and the church and select the zoo on the map.

In the zoo walk back to the cage of Kevin, all the way in the back. Give the hairpin to Kevin so he can free himself and distract the dog. Open the kenneldoor on the left and put the bone inside. As soon as you shout BONE, the dog frees himself and runs for the bone. Now you can close the door and Kevin can go to the port as well.

Finally you can leave the zoo and select the port on the map. Andy welcomes you and sails off to Australia.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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