You’re in a marble hallway.

GO SOUTH towards the palace and GO SOUTH again onto a dusty trail where you’ll find a sack. TAKE SACK and when you EXAMINE SACK you’ll notice it’s just an empty sack. GO NORTH back towards the palace and GO WEST onto a winding road where you can see a temple.

GO WEST again to a clearing where you’ll find the entrance of a cave and a pool of water. TAKE WATER (hence the sack) and GO EAST back onto the road.

GO EAST again towards the castle and GO SOUTH onto the dusty trail again. Now GO EAST to a dry water hole and a tree stump where a beggar is very thirsty. GIVE WATER and he’ll leave a discus. DROP SACK and  TAKE DISCUS and EXAMINE DISCUS.

GO NORTH onto a winding road and GO EAST into a temple. There’s a stone dais here. GO DAIS to find the altar and PRAY.  The Goddess Athene will provide you with a shield so TAKE SHIELD and GO SOUTH to leave the altar.

GO WEST onto the winding road and GO WEST back to the palace. GO WEST again to the winding road where you’ll see the temple. GO WEST to see the entrance of the cave. GO CAVE to find a marble statue. EXAMINE STATUE to notice the golden helmet. But how to get that one? THROW DISCUS and AT STATUE and the helmet drops to the ground.

TAKE HELMET  and TAKE DISCUS and then GO EAST to leave the cave. GO EAST again to the temple and GO TEMPLE.

At the ivory pedestal PRAY again. Down flutter winged sandals. They might come in handy. DROP DISCUS and TAKE SANDALS.  Now GO PEDESTAL and WEAR SANDALS. Now you can fly! 

That is… if you WAIT until you hover, you can fly in any direction but it has to be north so FLY NORTH.  Enough flying so FLY DOWN and GO DOWN the pedestal. You’ve landed on a small island.

GO WEST to a patch of thorns and EXAMINE BUSHES. You’ll discover some dark berries. TAKE BERRIES and GO EAST to the blind peasant. GIVE BERRIES, intended for the peasant but luckily the hyena has other ideas. GO EAST to the grove with trees.

WAIT for the sandals to start flapping and you’ll be able to see the luscious fruit. TAKE FRUIT and FLY DOWN to land safely in the grove. GO WEST to return to the peasant and GIVE FRUIT. This time it’s his turn to eat and he’ll reward you with a sword.

TAKE SWORD and GO PEDESTAL.  Now WAIT for the sandals to start flapping again and FLY NORTH to another place. FLY DOWN to the pedestal and GO DOWN the pedestal. You’ve done enough flying now so REMOVE SANDALS and DROP SANDALS.

GO SOUTH to a wooded clearing where you’ll find a torch. TAKE TORCH and GO NORTH back to the pedestal. GO NORTH again to pathway to a cave. GO EAST to a clearing with fire burning where you can LIGHT TORCH. Now GO WEST back to the cave and GO CAVE.

In the tiny cave you’ll find a net. TAKE NET and GO EAST to leave the cave again. UNLIGHT TORCH and GO SOUTH to the pedestal and GO SOUTH again to the wooded clearing. GO WEST to a ruined temple.

CLIMB TEMPLE on the outside walls and SPREAD NET between the walls. GO DOWN the walls again and GO WEST into the temple where you’ll find a silver halter. Sine you’ve spread the net you can TAKE HALTER because the evil harpies will be stopped by the net.

GO EAST to leave the temple and GO EAST again to the wooded clearing. GO NORTH to the pedestal and GO NORTH again to the entrance of the cave. GO EAST to the rocky clearing. To protect yourself WEAR HELMET. It makes you invisible. TAKE EYE.

The Graiae beg for their eye so GIVE EYE and as they snatch it back, they reveal a crack in the rocks. LIGHT TORCH and GO CRACK. You are now in a dim lit cave. GO NORTH into a tunnel and GO EAST into a cold chamber.

EXAMINE SHIELD that goddess Athene gave you and you’ll see a reflection. But that’s all. Unless you WAIT you’ll eventually see a reflection of Medusa. The only way to defeat her is to CUT MEDUSA and she’ll beheaded. The head rolls away. GO SOUTH after the head and here also Pegasus will appear.

TAKE HEAD and FIT HALTER to Pegasus. Now you can CLIMB PEGASUS and  RIDE PEGASUS to fly. He’ll drop you off at an island of rock. GO SOUTH to find the maiden chained to a rock guarded by a giant kraken. SHOW HEAD to kraken and it will turn to stone. CUT CHAINS to free Andromeda.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. Hi Leon and thank you for the nice walkthrough!

    I know the game graphics aren’t anything special, but I wonder if you could share with us an image of Medusa as portrayed in the game.

    thank you in advance

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