You’re locked in and in the lounge of a wax museum.

According to your INVENTORY you have a coin so when you INSERT COIN (automatically in the slot machine) you’ll win a torch, automatically added to your inventory. You also carry a paper (just a commercial flyer) so you can DROP PAPER.

EXAMINE PHONE and you’ll find another coin but you don’t need to so to save inventory space do not take coin. There are also some seats and when you EXAMINE SEATS you’ll discover a key. TAKE KEY and GO NORTH to the toilets.

EXAMINE TOILETS to discover a jacket and EXAMINE JACKET to discover a gun. EXAMINE JACKET again to notice the three silver bullets. DROP JACKET and TAKE GUN and TAKE BULLETS. To save inventory space, LOAD GUN so you carry them together.

When you EXAMINE GRID in the floor you can see it’s open (since you’ve got the key) so GO GRID and it will become very dark. LIGHT TORCH and  you’ll see that you’re in the sewer.

GO NORTH further into the sewer and then GO WEST to find a humane rat trap. EXAMINE TRAP and TAKE CHEESE from the trap. GO SOUTH back into the sewer and GO SOUTH again to the wash room. You don’t need the key anymore so DROP KEY.   GO SOUTH to the lounge and then GO UP to the grand hall where the displays are.

GO WEST to the ‘Undersea World’ display and answer the question with SAY 46. This will unlock a part in the hall of mirrors downstairs. GO EAST and GO NORTH to another display, ‘Ascend Everest and answer this question with SAY 1953. This will unlock a part in the well.

GO SOUTH back to the grand hall and GO DOWN the stairs again. TAKE BEAM and GO WEST to the hall of mirrors. This is where it gets tricky. GO NORTH and GO NORTH again. The GO WEST and GO EAST (directions here are all over the place) to find a dark passage with a crack in the wall. DROP BEAM here (it needs to get to the other side of the crack), GO WEST and GO SOUTH back into the hall of mirrors where you’ll find an aqualung.

TAKE AQUALUNG and GO WEST to an airlock. WEAR AQUALUNG and GO AIRLOCK to get inside the large aquarium. Now SWIM to the other side of the tank where there’s another airlock.   GO WEST to a workshop and GO DOWN into a store room. The GO NORTH into a studio where there’s a pile of junk.

EXAMINE JUNK to find a crowbar.  EXAMINE JUNK some more to find a lamp. TAKE LAMP and RUB LAMP to be  transported to Aladdin’s Cave.  DROP GUN and DROP MATCHES and DROP CHEESE.

RUB LAMP to return to the crowbar, TAKE CROWBAR and then RUB LAMP again to DROP CROWBAR in Aladdin’s cave. Too bad you can’t carry all at once.

GO DOWN into an enchanted wood where you’ll find the pied piper and Guy Fawkes. GO WEST to find the crack in the wall and the beam. TAKE BEAM and RUB LAMP to get back to the cave. Now DROP BEAM. To return to the crack in the wall RUB LAMP again.

GO WEST, then GO SOUTH and GO WEST again to the airlock. GO AIRLOCK to get into the aquarium and SWIM again to the other side.

GO WEST to the workshop and GO DOWN into the store room. There’s a trapdoor here. RUB LAMP to get to Aladdin’s cave, DROP AQUALUNG since you don’t need it anymore and TAKE BEAM and RUB LAMP again to return to the trapdoor.

FIX TRAPDOOR and it won’t fall open again. RUB LAMP return to Aladdin’s cave and TAKE CHEESE. Then GO DOWN into the woods. GO UP into the tree house where you’ll find a cupboard with a key in the lock. TAKE KEY and GO DOWN to the display.

MOVE GUY to reveal a barrel and TAKE BARREL. EXAMINE BARREL to see what it is. Although the sign says you shouldn’t: WAIT. You’ll end up in a well. There should be a rope here (if not, you didn’t answer the question at the display) so TAKE ROPE and TIE ROPE to the well. GO ROPE into a dark tunnel.

GO TUNNEL to be greeted by a razor sharp pendulum swinging over your head and rats scattered. FEED RATS and they’ll stop the pendulum which crashes into an altar. EXAMINE ALTAR to find the talisman and TAKE TALISMAN. Just to be safe, WEAR TALISMAN.

GO UP into the pit and GO NORTH into a torture chamber. GO DOOR into the jewellery exhibition and EXAMINE JEWELERY. There will be a casket visible. TAKE CASKET and OPEN CASKET to find the tanna leaves. DROP CASKET and DROP KEY. Now TAKE LEAVES and GO EAST to leave the exhibition. GO SOUTH back into a pit and GO UP back into the well shaft.  

Before going further, you need to get some more protection so RUB LAMP to return to Aladdin’s cave and DROP BARRELTAKE GUN and TAKE MATCHES and to return to the well RUB LAMP again.

GO EAST into the morgue and SHOOT ZOMBIE. (You need to have the gun and matches to kill the zombie but can’t have the barrel at the same time… ?) You can now DROP GUN.

GO DOOR to find a passage blocked by masonry. To clear the blockage, RUB LAMP and TAKE BARREL. The RUB LAMP again to return, LIGHT MATCH and LIGHT FUSE. Then DROP BARREL and GO WEST to wait for the explosion. You can now DROP MATCHES as well.  GO DOOR to see the passage cleared.

RUB LAMP once more to GET CROWBAR and RUB LAMP again to return. GO PASSAGE to enter the temple and  find a sarcophagus. OPEN SARCOPHAGUS (with the crowbar) and find a sinister mummy inside. GIVE LEAVES to the mummy and you’ll get a golden mask. WEAR MASK to ….

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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