You’re in the throne room with a distraught king.

EXAMINE KING to learn what the problem is. You need to save the princess and find the jewels.  GO WEST into the dressing room and TAKE GLASSES. They need fixing.  GO EAST back to the king and GO EAST again into a corridor.

There’s a painting here and only if you TAKE PAINTING, you see what the picture is and that there’s a chain on it. TAKE CHAIN from the painting and DROP PAINTING. Now you can FIT CHAIN to the specs.

GO NORTH further into the corridor and then GO WEST where you’ll find a staircase. EXAMINE STAIRCASE to see the tapestry and EXAMINE TAPESTRY to find an ornate sword. TAKE SWORD and realize it’s missing something.  GO UP the stairs to a bedroom with a sheepskin rug. TAKE RUG and GO DOWN the stairs again.


GO EAST into a corridor and GO EAST again. In this part of the corridor you’ll find a linen chest. When you EXAMINE CHEST you’ll see it’s empty but when you GO CHEST a panel will open and you’ll slide down a passage into a forest.

You’ll land next to a shovel so TAKE SHOVEL and GO EAST. Since you’re in a forest, you can CLIMB TREE anywhere but here you’ll find a raven’s nest. EXAMINE NEST to find a jeweled orb. TAKE ORB and take note to the hint you see.  SAY RAVEN to be taken to a vault where the treasures should be stored so DROP ORB (25/100) and SAY RAVEN again to return to the tree.   GO DOWN the tree and  GO SOUTH to a cave entrance. The sword starts glowing.

[Note: from the next bit you can be killed at random so save often]

GO SOUTH again inside the cave and to be able to see inside, WEAR SPECS. You’ll be greeted by a slimy goblin so KILL GOBLIN. An iron key is revealed.  TAKE KEY and GO WEST further into the cave and GO NORTH to a dead end. DIG and find a golden sceptre.  TAKE SCEPTRE and you’ll get the same hint. So SAY RAVEN to the vault and DROP SCEPTRE (50/100). Then SAY RAVEN again to return to the dead end in the cave. 

DIG again to create a tunnel and GO TUNNEL to enter it. GO SOUTH into the tunnels and GO SOUTH again. DIG here to find the royal crown. DROP SHOVEL, then TAKE CROWN and SAY RAVEN to travel to the vault. Then DROP CROWN (75/100) and SAY RAVEN again to return to the tunnel.

GO SOUTH in the tunnel, GO SOUTH again and GO SOUTH once more. Then GO WEST to find yourself on a ledge with blinding light. REMOVE SPECS to be able to see and JUMP to a path.

There’s a chicken so TAKE CHICKEN and GO SOUTH to a stream. There’s a hungry fox, a bag of corn and a rickety bridge. The classic dilemma how to get all across without the fox eating the chicken and the chicken eating the corn. So here goes:

GO BRIDGE and DROP CHICKEN. Now you can GO BRIDGE. Here you TAKE FOX and GO BRIDGE again. TAKE CHICKEN and DROP FOX. This way the fox won’t eat the chicken.  GO BRIDGE and TAKE CORN but DROP CHICKEN to prevent the chicken from eating the corn. GO BRIDGE again to DROP CORN so now you’ve taken the corn and the fox across the river. Return to the other side with GO BRIDGE and TAKE CHICKEN and GO BRIDGE a final time.

TAKE CORN and PUSH ROCK to free a steep path. GO PATH to the farm yard where a farmer is counting his chicken. DROP CHICKEN and it’ll run into the hen house. The farmer thanks you with a wand.

GO HOUSE to find hungry chicken. You can FEED CHICKEN with the corn you have and they reveal their nest boxes and a trapdoor. EXAMINE NEST to see a ruby rod. TAKE ROD and FIT ROD into the sword. It starts glowing fiercely.

UNLOCK TRAPDOOR with the key you dug up earlier and DROP KEY but don’t go in yet. GO NORTH to leave the house and GO NORTH again to return to the fox. TAKE FOX and GO PATH to the farm yard. Before you enter the hen house, WRAP FOX in sheepskin so the chicken won’t be frightened. Now you can GO HOUSE and GO TRAPDOOR.

You’ll roll down another passage into a meadow. GO EAST to the vixen and cubs and DROP FOX. The fox now wants you to follow him so FOLLOW FOX. The creature takes you to a vertical shaft in a cave. You can hear waves and if you WAVE WAND you’ll float upwards. But it becomes too dark to see.

WEAR SPECS to switch to infrared and you’ll see that you’re in a well shaft. GO EAST to enter the library and find an ancient book. TAKE BOOK and a piece of paper will stick to your hand. READ PAPER won’t get you far but HIDE PAPER will put it back in the book.

GO NORTH into the study where a  menacing troll awaits. Because you have the rod in your sword you can KILL TROLL and it’ll leave a scorched statue of a troll. But at least the door isn’t blocked anymore so GO DOOR.

You’ve made it to the wizard’s lair. And the princess is here too! But you need to act quick because he’s hurting the princess.  GIVE BOOK to the wizard and the evil spell will end and Akyrz flees. The princess is safe.

TAKE PRINCESS and SAY RAVEN to get to the vault. DROP PRINCESS (100/100) to get the reward (QUESTOR) from the grateful king.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. This game contains a fatal bug that stops play very early on. No matter how you word the command to pick up the golden sceptre, you get told, “It’s beyond my power to do that.” I’ve no time for games of guess the obscure noun, so I can’t recommend this ‘game’ any less.

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