You are in a marsh.

GO EAST onto a barren plain and GO EAST again to continue here. From here GO NORTH to a narrow gorge and GO NORTH again into the gorge. This is a good spot to store your items for now so DROP ARROWHEAD and DROP BRANCH. With DROP FEATHERS you empty your inventory, except your sword.

GO SOUTH to leave the gorge and GO SOUTH again onto a barren plain. GO WEST to continue on the plain and GO NORTH to see a weird shrub. When you EXAMINE SHRUB you see it’s fluffy so TAKE SHRUB.

GO SOUTH onto the plain and GO SOUTH again into a corner of the plain (since you can only go north from here). DIG a hole to uncover some flint (this is the only place where the ground is soft enough to dig with your hands). TAKE FLINTSTONE and GO NORTH back onto the plain. GO WEST to a marsh then GO NORTH onto a plateau.

GO NORTH to a chasm and from here you can JUMP onto a ledge. GO DOWN into a crevice to find an oil lamp. TAKE LAMP and GO NORTH back to the ledge. GO UP to the rope bridge and GO BRIDGE. Something will fall down and we’ll find out later what it was.

GO NORTH to the ledge on the other side and TAKE WEED that’s growing here. GO SOUTH back to the support ropes of the bridge and GO SOUTH again to the ledge you started on. When you GO DOWN back to where you can see the crevice, you can now find a helmet. TAKE HELMET and GO UP back to the bridge.

GO BRIDGE where you can see the support ropes and HOLD ROPES, then CUT ROPES to drop the bridge…. and yourself. You land next to an archway. TAKE ROPE and GO ARCHWAY to enter a dark cavern. GO NORTH and when it becomes too dark to see, LIGHT LAMP.

You are now in a corridor. GO NORTH to a staircase and GO UP the stairs to a windy room. There’s a kite and a warrior here. EXAMINE WARRIOR to notice his uniform and TAKE UNIFORM.

GO DOWN the stairs and GO DOWN again to a stone chamber. There’s a guard here and whenever he sees you like this, he’ll stop you so WEAR UNIFORM to disguise yourself. You’re too weak to turn the wheel so EAT WEED first and now you can TURN WHEEL.

You don’t need the uniform anymore so REMOVE UNIFORM and DROP UNIFORM. Now GO UP back to the staircase GO UP to the dead warrior. TAKE KITE and GO WEST to a platform.

For safety, WEAR HELMET and then JUMP. You’ll land safely in a chasm. REMOVE HELMET and DROP HELMET since you don’t need it anymore. Since the kite is broken, DROP KITE. You can only GO SOUTH onto the plateau and GO SOUTH again into the marsh.

GO EAST onto a barren plain and GO EAST again to continue on the plain. GO NORTH to the narrow gorge that should look familiar and GO NORTH again into the gorge. TAKE ARROWHEAD, TAKE BRANCH and TAKE FEATHERS. Now GO MUD into a pool of mud and you’ll find a stone slab.

EXAMINE MUD  and you’ll find a lever. When you PULL LEVER, the slab will move revealing a dark opening. GO OPENING into a hallway. GO EAST into a corridor and GO NORTH into a guard room. There’s a grotesque animal.

Although KILL ANIMAL only stuns it, you’ll find a key. Inventory restrictions don’t let you take the key so DROP SWORD first before you can TAKE KEY and GO SOUTH back into the corridor. GO EAST to follow the corridor and GO SOUTH to a staircase. GO UP the stairs to find a bolted door. UNBOLT DOOR and then GO DOOR into another corridor.

GO WEST into a stone chamber (I have a deja-vu). Now GO SOUTH into a corridor and GO SOUTH again to a dark cavern. GO EAST into another corridor and GO EAST again to reach the end of the corridor. There’s a locked door here. UNLOCK DOOR with the key you have and DROP KEY. Now you can GO DOOR.

There’s food in the store room and you have to make a choice: TAKE BREAD, you can’t take both. GO NORTH to return to the corridor and GO WEST from here.  GO SOUTH into the dark cavern again. GO NORTH into the corridor again and GO NORTH again to reach the staircase. GO DOWN the stairs and GO EAST into more corridor.

GO DOOR to the unbolted door and GO DOWN to a staircase. GO NORTH into a corridor (it’s almost a maze) and GO NORTH again to reach a stable. There’s a starving mule but you can solve that with FEED MULE. You’ve now got one happy bunny…. eehh mule. GO SOUTH and the mule will follow.

GO WEST into the corridor and GO WEST again to the hallway. GO DOWN into the dungeon area. To remove the grating and continue your journey, you’ll need the help of your mule. TIE ROPE and when asked to what answer TO GRATING. Then TIE ROPE again TO MULE to attach the other end of the rope.

To open the hole, PULL MULE. The grating breaks and the mule runs off. Oh well. GO HOLE into the dungeon. Here you’ll find Arnid, the fletcher. EXAMINE ARNID to see he’s unconscious so GIVE WEED and TO ARNID he’ll wake up. He asks how he can repay you so replay with MAKE ARROW.

Arnid will make a magic arrow and leave. GO UP into the dungeon area and GO UP again to the hallway. GO EAST into a corridor (more?) and GO EAST again to continue. GO SOUTH to the staircase and GO SOUTH again to a temple where you’ll see tapestry on the wall. EXAMINE TAPESTRY and you’ll find a button in the wall.

PUSH BUTTON and an altar will rise. EXAMINE ALTAR to notice the candle. LIGHT CANDLE and you’ll find yourself at a column of fire. EXAMINE FLAME to see that it’s very hot. No way you can walk on that. Now what do you do at an altar: PRAY.  Something is happening but you don’t know what. EXAMINE FLAME again and you’ll see that it’s weaker already.

GO FLAME and you’ll find yourself at an altar. GO SOUTH to a mountain and GO SOUTH again to a lake. GO EAST to a wooden hut and GO HUT to see what’s inside. There’s a pipe and tobacco so TAKE PIPE and TAKE TOBACCO.

GO NORTH to leave the hut and GO WEST back to the lake. GO SOUTH to find a boat on a jetty and when you GO BOAT. Inside the boat you’ll find the oars and when you TAKE OARS you can ROW BOAT.

After a little while you will be swallowed by a large fish and end up in its stomach. To get out of here, FILL PIPE (with tobacco) and LIGHT PIPE. Now SMOKE PIPE and a thick smoke develops. SMOKE PIPE once more and the fish spits you out onto a rocky beach.

You don’t need the oars anymore so DROP OARS and then GO SOUTH along the beach to a meadow. GO SOUTH again to a mountain and GO WEST to reach a cave entrance. GO CAVE and inside you’ll find a shovel. You can leave it for now, GO NORTH first to a lofty peak with a cairn of stones. EXAMINE CAIRN to see a smooth stone so TAKE STONE. When you EXAMINE STONE you’ll see a picture of a beggar and when you RUB STONE (how did it get smooth otherwise?) an old beggar appears. GIVE STONE and he’ll leave you a magic bow.

TAKE BOW and GO SOUTH back into the cave. Now TAKE SHOVEL and DIG. You’ll dig up some dynamite with a short fuse. So be careful!  TAKE DYNAMITE and GO EAST to the cave entrance where the rock is and TAKE ROCK. From here GO EAST onto the mountain and GO NORTH into the meadow. GO NORTH again to return to the rocky beach where you found the skeleton earlier.

SMASH SKELETON and it’ll reveal a trail. GO TRAIL to follow a dirt trTAKE DYNAMITE. ail to a mound. DIG the mound and create a hole. GO HOLE into a grubby tunnel and GO EAST to follow it. Then the path will be blocked by a boulder.

DROP DYNAMITE and LIGHT FUSE. Now quickly GO WEST and WAIT for the big bang. After the dust has settled, GO EAST to see the damage and find a large hole. GO HOLE into a marble room and GO NORTH to a staircase. GO UP the stairs where you’ll find a shimmering veil.

GO NORTH to a music room where a large organ awaits. EXAMINE ORGAN to find the music sheet and when you PLAY MUSIC something happens but you can’t see what. GO SOUTH to notice that the veil is gone. A corridor has been revealed. 

GO CORRIDOR and GO NORTH to follow it to a passage. GO NORTH again until you reach a room with a window. LOOK WINDOW and you’ll see Xerdon. GO SOUTH into a secret room where you’ll find slits in the wall. EXAMINE SLITS and notice you can get a good shot at Xerdon. Now all you need to do is SHOOT XERDON.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.D in

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