You’re in a courtyard with a dead messenger next to you.

LOOK COURTYARD and a rope becomes visible. TAKE ROPE. Now EXAMINE MESSENGER and you’ll find an amulet. TAKE AMULET and EXAMINE AMULET. A picture of a barge… hmmm.

GO WEST into the palace and GO SOUTH to Zardra the magician. He holds the golden baton (familiar?) LOOK ZARDRA and he’ll tell you to destroy Xerdon with the magical arrow and then dies. GO EAST into the kitchen.

EXAMINE KITCHEN and you’ll see a hook. TAKE HOOK and to save inventory space, TIE ROPE (to hook). Now TAKE HOOK (bit awkward) again and GO WEST back to the throne room. GO NORTH into the palace and GO WEST into the king’s chamber. EXAMINE COAT and you’ll notice it turns. TURN COAT and nothing seems to happen. TURN COAT again and still nothing but TURN COAT a third time and a secret passage will open.

ENTER PASSAGE into a secret vault. TAKE SWORD and GO WEST back to the bedroom. EXAMINE BED to see the pillow and when you CUT PILLOW you’ll find a purse. EXAMINE PURSE to see the coins and finally TAKE COINS.LOOK

TAKE ARMOUR, then GO EAST into the palace and GO EAST again to where you started. Now GO NORTH to crossroads where a beggar awaits. GIVE COINS and the beggar will drop an orb and a note. READ NOTE to get another hint. TAKE ORB and GO WEST onto a mountain road.

GO WEST again to a slope and a ledge. Now HOOK ARMOUR and GET ROPE. Then you can GO LEDGE into a cliff shelter. PULL ROPE to reel in the armour, DROP ROPE and then TAKE ARMOUR. You can now WEAR ARMOUR for more protection.

RUB ORB and a cave entrance appears. ENTER CAVE and because it’s too dark to see, RUB ORB again to make it glow and spread some light. Now you can see an arrowhead and a huge serpent. KILL SERPENT and repeat this action until the serpent is dead.

TAKE ARROWHEAD and GO SOUTH back to the shelter, then GO DOWN from the ledge. GO EAST onto the mountain road and GO EAST to follow the road. GO EAST once more to reach a dense forest.

WAIT and after a moment you will be taken to a cliff. You can only GO NORTH to a lake and here you can see a barge and a ferryman. You’ve seen that before. GIVE AMULET and he’ll take you into his mysterious barge.

WAIT again and you’ll be transported to a dried up pool. You can only GO SOUTH and at the tree stump GO EAST to find a chained slave. CUT CHAIN and the slave is free.

GO SOUTH to the cookhouse and the slave will follow you. GO SOUTH again to the forest cutting and GO UP on a ledge. Here you’ll find a boulder. You can MOVE BOULDER since the slave is here to help you. The entrance to a cave is now revealed. ENTER CAVE to find a scroll.

READ SCROLL to get instructions to find feathers. GO NORTH to leave the cave and GO DOWN the ledge into the forest. GO WEST to find another beggar and look what he does to the slave! TAKE TOADSTOOL, it might become useful.

GO EAST through the forest and GO NORTH to return to the cookhouse. ENTER COOKHOUSE to find a cauldron. EXAMINE CAULDRON to see what’s cooking. POISON BROTH to insert the toadstools. GO WEST to leave the cookhouse and GO WEST again to reach a giant building. ENTER BUILDING to find the giants drugged.

The ladder is now accessible so CLIMB LADDER to a lumber room and find a log. TAKE LOG and GO WEST to a log flume. ENTER FLUME on your log into a river. Here you’ll have to WAIT until you reach the beach.

GO BEACH to reach a cliff and then GO UP to a ledge. Here you can see a giant eagle. EXAMINE EAGLE to notice the feathers and PLUCK FEATHERS to be taken to green pastures.

GO NORTH further into the green pastures and GO NORTH to reach a brook. GO NORTH again into the brook and GO NORTH again onto a grassy path. GO NORTH a final time to reach a path with a hut.

ENTER HUT to find a dead dwarf. EXAMINE DWARF and you’ll notice a medallion. EXAMINE MEDALLION to see what it’s made of. You can’t carry anymore so you need to leave something behind. We’ll choose the armour. REMOVE ARMOUR and then DROP ARMOUR. Now you can TAKE MEDALLION.

GO SOUTH to leave the hut and GO NORTH to a junction. GO WEST onto a path and GO NORTH into a burned down village. EXAMINE DEBRIS to discover a trapdoor underneath. ENTER TRAPDOOR into the cellar.

There’s a plaque and a chest. READ PLAQUE to see that you’re in the property of a master fletcher. OPEN CHEST to find a ancient book. If you want to take the book you need to drop something else first so DROP ORB and TAKE BOOK. The READ BOOK to see that the print is very small.

GO UP to leave the cellar and GO SOUTH back onto the path. GO EAST to a junction and GO EAST again to a marshy road. ENTER MARSH to penetrate deeper into the bog and GO EAST to a circle of trees. When you GO NORTH you’ll find the sacred willow you’ll need but it’s guarded by … guardians.

THROW MEDALLION and the guardians will chase it leaving you alone with the willow. CUT BRANCH to take the last part of all the items needed to create an arrow in part 2 of the game.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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