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Mysterious Adventure #5: Escape from Pulsar 7 – Walkthrough (Channel 8 Software/1983)

By Leon | September 16, 2020

Escape from Pulsar 7 Walkthrough Warning! This page contains the complete solution or walk-through to this game. Reading this page can spoil the challenge to complete the game by yourself. Please consider this when reading on. The walk-through of this game given here might not be the optimal solution, it’s a solution. Just to prove that the game can be finished. If you want a section of the walk-through or just a hint, send us an email with the part where you’re stuck, we’ll send you the section of the page you’ll need.

You’re in a social room where you can see  couch.

MOVE COUCH to find a rod underneath. TAKE ROD and EXAMINE ROD. It turns! TURN ROD and you’ll see it glows.  GO SOUTH. You’re in a cabin now. CLOSE DOOR to make an automatic pillow appear in the bunk and then GO BUNK. There’s your pillow. MOVE PILLOW to see that there’s a circuit board under it. TAKE BOARD and GO DOWN from your bunk.

GO NORTH to leave the room and in the social room GO WEST to the crew’s cabin. Here is also a bunk so best to check this one as well: GO BUNK. Once in, you’ll find a vent. GO VENT and you’ll notice some dust. Don’t stay here too long because the dust might rise and it’s poisonous.

GO NORTH to a junctions and GO EAST to the bridge. This is where you’ll find the control console. EXAMINE CONSOLE to see the buttons. But they don’t do anything yet. GO CONSOLE to see the connector and INSERT BOARD. Leave the console with GO NORTH.

PRESS WHITE and something happens. GO NORTH into a metal passage and GO NORTH again to a junction. GO EAST into the captain’s cabin and GO EAST again  into another passage. GO EAST once more to reach the workshop. There’s a lathe here. EXAMINE LATHE to see it needs fixing.  GO LATHE to crawl under it and find the tool compartment. EXAMINE COMPARTMENT to find a screwdriver blade and a metal bar.

TAKE BLADE and GO NORTH to get from under the lathe. GO DOWN into a maze of ducts. GO SOUTH and then GO DOWN into the maze and you’ll reach the reactor room. There’s a piece of wood and a hammer. TAKE WOOD and with this you can FIX SCREWDRIVER. Now TAKE HAMMER and GO UP into the maze of ducts again.

Straight away you’ll find a cake tin so TAKE TIN. In the maze GO EAST and GO SOUTH, then GO WEST and GO WEST again to reach the store room with a locker. Since the locker is … well… locked, and you don’t have a key, BREAK LOCKER and when asked how, answer WITH HAMMER.

Once the door is smashed you can EXAMINE LOCKER to find a space suit. TAKE SUIT and GO EAST to leave the locker room. Now through the maze GO NORTH, then GO EAST. From here GO NORTH and GO WEST. A last time GO NORTH and GO EAST and when you GO UP here, you’ll find a wrecked cabin. Only when you SEARCH WRECKAGE you’ll find the bunk.

GO BUNK to climb on it and when you EXAMINE CEILING you’ll see the metal grill above you. REMOVE GRILL to create a hole and you can only get there if you JUMP. Once in the cable runway you can see a … cable. TAKE CABLE and GO WEST into the cargo hold. GO NORTH further into the cargo hold to find a huge crate. EXAMINE CRATE to see what the crate contains and GO CRATE to see the inside. You have to leave something behind if you want to take the block so DROP HAMMER and TAKE SQUARE

GO WEST to leave the crate and GO SOUTH to return to the cage. GO EAST back into the cable runway and GO DOWN into the wrecked cabin. GO DOWN again to climb from the bunk and GO NORTH into the maze of ducts. GO UP to reach the  control console on the bridge.

GO NORTH into the metal passage and GO NORTH again to a junction. GO EAST into the captain’s cabin and GO EAST again into another metal passage. GO EAST a final time to return to the workshop.

FIX LATHE (with the cable) and it’s powered up. With the lathe working you can TURN SQUARE into a round block. TAKE ROUND and GO DOWN back into the maze of ducts. GO NORTH and GO WEST into the maze and GO NORTH and GO UP to the bridge.

GO NORTH into the metal passage and GO NORTH again to the junction. GO EAST into the captain’s cabin and GO BUNK to climb up. EXAMINE BUNK to find tablets. TAKE TABLET and if you want to know what they are EAT TABLETS but make sure you’ve saved your game first … 🙂

GO DOWN from the bunk and GO WEST to the junction. GO WEST again into the galley. EXAMINE OVEN to find a round hole. Good thing you turned the square block because now you can FIX OVEN with the round block. 

TAKE BOTTLE (with water) and EMPTY BOTTLE (into the tin).  GO LARDER to find more ingredients. To make some inventory space, DROP ROD and TAKE FLOUR. Now TAKE RAISINS and MIX CAKE. Before you leave, TAKE ROD and GO NORTH back to the galley.

With the oven fixed, BAKE CAKE. In your inventory you can see what kind if you haven’t tried the white tablets yourself. GO EAST from here to the junctions and GO EAST to the captain’s cabin. GO EAST again to the metal passage and GO EAST once more to the workshop.

GO DOWN into the maze of ducts and GO NORTH deeper into the maze. GO WEST and GO UP into yet another cabin where you’ll find some magnetic boots.  But there’s also a creature. Don’t hesitate too long because it isn’t the most friendly one so GIVE CAKE and it won’t bother you anymore.

TAKE BOOTS and GO DOWN back into the maze of ducts. GO NORTH and GO UP back to the bridge. GO NORTH into the metal passage and GO NORTH again to a junction. Then GO EAST into the captain’s cabin again. GO BUNK to climb up and this time EXAMINE CEILING to see a metal panel.

Since you’ve got a screwdriver you can REMOVE PANEL and to get into the opening you’ve just created you need to JUMP. You’re back in a large pipe with dust. GO UP to reach the emergency airlock. Before you do anything else and before someone gets killed, WEAR SUIT and WEAR BOOTS.

PUSH RED to close the inner door and open the outer door. GO DOOR into the hull of the bay. There’s an open hatch here. GO HATCH into the shuttle craft bay and PULL LEVER to release the shuttle. Now you can GO SHUTTLE. Inside you’ll find a yellow button. PUSH YELLOW to escape.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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