You’re in the dinning [sic] room.

GO LADDER to look in the loft and you can find a old chest here. TAKE CHEST and if you want to OPEN CHEST you’ll find out it’s locked. You don’t have a key so GO DOWN back to the dining room and GO SOUTH into the hall.

LOOK HALL and you’ll find an enpty [sic] jam jar. TAKE JAR and GO WEST into the bedroom. LOOK BED to find a trapdoor under it so GO TRAPDOOR into the cellar.

There’s a red cloak hanging here so TAKE CLOAK and WEAR CLOAK. When you LOOK CELLAR again you’ll notice a small key. TAKE KEY and OPEN CHEST. There’s a rope and sword inside. DROP CHEST and DROP KEY and TAKE ROPE and TAKE SWORD.

GO UP the stairs again to the bedroom. OPEN DRAWER and EXAMINE DRAWER to find a door key. TAKE KEY and GO EAST to the hall. OPEN DOOR and DROP KEY.

GO DOOR to get outside where you can see the building and you can CLIMB BUILDING to get on the roof. Here you’ll find a piece of wood. TAKE WOOD and GO DOWN the roof back to street level.

GO SOUTH to a stream and DROP WOOD across the stream as a bridge, then GO EAST to a garden with a pool in it. EXAMINE POOL to find a fish in it but when you try to CATCH FISH.

[Note: I’ve had several times that a: the fish swims away or b: you get the message you can’t catch it yet. If that happens, drop something from your inventory and try again, then picking up everything after you’ve caught the fish. No clue yet what caused this though….]

LOOK FISH and it’ll tell you something and then disappears. FILL JAR and GO WEST to return to the stream and GO BRIDGE you’ve made. In the field that you reach GO SOUTH into another small field where you’ll find a dead mouse. TAKE MOUSE and GO NORTH back to the first field.

You’re in a field with a bull standing next to a gate. And you’re wearing a red cloak! REMOVE CLOAK and THROW CLOAK into the next field. With the bull distracted, GO GATE into a field of wasteland (groung?). TAKE CLOAK and WATER PLANT. It’ll grow a bit (only after you’ve heard it from the fish!). FILL JAR and WATER PLANT again to let it become a beanstalk. CLIMB BEANSTORK [sic] .

At the top you’ll see a path blocked by an elephant but when you DROP MOUSE, the latter will flee. You can now GO PATH where you’ll see a valley. GO VALLEY to enter it. From here you GO SOUTH to a tree where you need to THROW ROPE and CLIMB ROPE to enter the tree. In the tree house is a dwarf sitting next to a box. GIVE CLOAK and the dwarf vanishers [sic].

TAKE BOX and OPEN BOX and you’ll find somthing [sic]: a map. TAKE MAP and DROP BOX. When you LOOK MAP you’ll see your position and the location of the Aztex tumb [sic].

GO DOWN the tree and GO NORTH back into the valley. Now GO EAST to the harbour. GO HARBOUR to enter and find a boat and GO BOAT to enter it. You can still see the herbour [sic]. LOOK BOAT to find a dinghy and the cabin and GO CABIN to have a look inside.

TAKE TORCH and GO HATCH to go outside again. GO NORTH to reach an island. GO ISLAND and you’ll see a hole. GO HOLE to find it too dark to see but when you LIGHT TORCH you’ll notice that you’re in a cave. TAKE JACKET and WEAR JACKET and GO UP to the surface. UNLIGHT TORCH to save it for later.

GO BOAT and GO NORTH, then GO EAST and GO SOUTH (you can’t really get lost, you’re just not getting anywhere otherwise). You should end up at a cliff. JUMP OVERBOARD and you’ll end up in the water, saved by your life jacket.  SWIM to reach a beach and GO BEACH to get onto Aztec ground.

GO FOREST and under the trees GO NORTH to reach a huge statue. CLIMB STATUE and on top you’ll find a diamond. TAKE DIAMOND and GO DOWN from the statue. 

GO EAST to a wall and when you EXAMINE WALL you’ll see an empty socket in the shape of a diamond. INSERT DIAMOND and it vanshers [sic]. A passage will open. GO PASSAGE and it will be too drak [sic] to see. LIGHT TORCH to find out where you ended up.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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