You need to get out of the cave.

Search the body of the dead guy and find a PUMP. Pick up the GUTS and the ORGANS and in your inventory combine the guts with the organs to create a makeshift rope. Use the combination on the wall of the cave to climb out. Now you need to fill the hole.

Go inside the Yahtzeebrand General Store and talk to the shopkeeper behind the counter. You’ll ask for the bag of cement but instead get a pair of SCISSORS. You’re not getting the cement. Leave the shop and walk to the right. Enter the pet shop and look at all the animals. Talk to the shopkeeper to learn that he’s evil and tries to charge a lot for the animals.

Use the pump from your inventory on the piss-ants to fill it up and then spray the shopkeeper with ants. Once distracted, use the scissors on the cage of the sheep to cut it down and take FLOSSY with you. Leave the shop and walk all the way to the left to enter the alley.


Talk to the bum, this time he’s Santa and learn about his loneliness. Give him Flossy and he’ll give you a SUPER SOAKER in return. Use the scissors on the bum to cut a piece of black CLOTH from the back of his jacket. In your inventory use the scissors on the cloth to turn it into a cape.

Walk to the right and look at the red building to the left of the general store. Use the makeshift rope from your inventory on the building to climb to the roof and take the CEMENT MIXER. Use the rope on the building again to climb down and enter the Yahtzeebrand General Store.

Give the cape to the shopkeeper and now you can take the bag of CEMENT from the shelf. Leave the store and outside use the cement with the cement mixer. Use the super soaker on the mixer to add the water and once the mixture is ready use it on the hole in the road.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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