You need to find the professor!

After the landing, EXAMINE MACHINE to see what state the time machine is in. There’s some grease around the control panel. Walk NORTH and turn WEST into the forest. Walk WEST once more to reach a swamp. There’s a big tree that you can climb: CLIMB TREE. Once up, you see vines and leaves. The vines are too sturdy to take but you can TAKE LEAF. Climb DOWN again and walk EAST and EAST again to return to the trail.

Walk SOUTH to return to the time machine and TAKE GREASE WITH LEAF. Walk NORTH to the trail, then NORTH again to the hill. Go NORTH a third time, past the hill into a cave. There’s an old iron box there. It’s very rusty and you can’t open it but GREASE HINGES to get the hinges going and then you can OPEN BOX.

Inside the box is a lamp which has now lit up the cave. There’s more: TAKE FOOD and TAKE AXE. Walk to the EAST though the tunnel to find a dead end with mud. EAT FOOD to empty a can and then GET MUD WITH CAN.


Walk WEST to find a piece of rusted metal. TAKE METAL and see that it’s very dirty. Go SOUTH back to the hill and then CLIMB HILL. You can see some smoke and suspect that it’s from the professor. If only you can get his attention. CLIMB DOWN and walk SOUTH twice back to the time machine. Go EAST to reach the river with some wood next to it.

CLEAN METAL in the river to make it shiny. Walk WEST to the time machine, then NORTH twice to the hill. CLIMB HILL again and SIGNAL PROFESSOR WITH METAL. You get a reply and now you know his approximate location. Climb DOWN again and walk SOUTH, then WEST twice back to the large tree. CLIMB TREE and CUT VINE WITH AXE.

Go DOWN the tree and walk EAST twice to the trail. Walk SOUTH to the clearing and EAST to the river. Time to get some transportation. CUT WOOD WITH AXE into smaller planks and then TIE WOOD WITH VINE. To make the raft sturdier, PUT MUD ON RAFT.

USE RAFT to splash down the river and since you know which direction to go to, you’ll end up on a shore a short while later. Walk NORTH twice along the shore to find a herd of dinosaurs and a small rock. TAKE ROCK and walk SOUTH twice to return to your landing point.

Walk EAST twice into the jungle until you reach a large pit that is too large to descend. If not under, then over so CLIMB TREE and CLIMB BRANCH to position yourself right above the pit. Now you need to get out of the tree so JUMP FROM BRANCH to land on the other side of the pit.

There’s a nest with eggs but also dinosaurs and bushes. THROW ROCK AT BUSHES to distract the dinosaurs and then TAKE EGG. Your only path leads NORTHWEST so travel further into the jungle. More sounds and when you go WEST you’ll end up with another herd of dinosaurs. DROP EGG to feed and distract them and you manage to squeeze past them and locate the professor.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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