You’re very tired.

Use the bed to go to sleep and then you’ll have a very strange dream.   Walk to the left and find a tree with a red leaf. Looks like it’s from another world. Walk north between the rocks and you’ll see a giant pink box. Walk left once more to reach the see. You don’t have to dive in yet. Keep walking further to the left.

You’ll find the bum here. He’s an angel. Talk to him and you’ll learn about 7 things you need to find before you can end the dream: (1) something useful, (2) something dry, (3) something wet, (4) something not real, (5) something falling down, (6) something behind the rainbow and (7) something dead. Ask him what to do when you have them and he’ll refer you to the toilets.

Walk further to the left and talk to the mouse. It’ll give you a vague hint but is not very helpful. Walk further to the left to past the desert and the big skull until you find a fridge. Use the fridge to open it and take the  ICICLE (5) out. Try to take the ball but behind the ball is a large ROCK that you’ll take instead. Use the box with ketchup to find a DOLLAR inside.


Go further to the left and reach the rainbow. Talk to the rainbow man and ask him to take you behind the rainbow. He wants you to solve the riddle first. He’ll tell you a poem and you have to guess who wrote it. Of course it’s Shakespeare. You’ll be taken behind the rainbow and here you can take a GOLD COIN (6). Leave the rainbow and walk all the way back to the right until you reach the house again where you started.

Walk to the right and you’ll find the toilets. In front of the toilets is a SKULL (7). Pick it up and enter the men’s toilets (left side). Walk further to the left until you meet Mr. Death. Talk to him and ask him for electronic stuff. He’ll give you a CAMERA (1). Walk to the right and exit the toilets. Walk to the right again and talk to Trops, the strange creature. He’ll tell you about the sea monster and the seven items but you knew that already.

Walk further to the right past the green field and the puddle of poo until you reach Mr. Gower. He’s almost invisible but when you throw the rock at him, he’ll remember things and offers you a WIG (4). Walk further to the right and find the Yahtzee clerk in an ice cream stand.

Talk to the clerk and he’ll tell you he can sell you a shovel for a dollar. Give the dollar to the clerk and you’ll get the SHOVEL from him. Walk back to the left until you reach the puddle of poo. Use the shovel with the puddle to scoop some POO.

Walk all the way to the left until you reach the tree with the red leaf and walk north between the rocks. Then keep walking left until you reach the water. Use the water to dive in and use the water again to reach a ship. Walk left on the ship and use the oval opening to go inside.

Use the computer and print a MAP. You can use this to travel faster between locations but it’s not really needed. Use the door to the right of the computer to reach the elevator and use the green button on the wall to call the elevator and travel to the first floor. You are already there, chained to the wall and when you talk to yourself it’s not really getting clearer. Use the poo from your inventory on your chained self to let her show you an item. She’ll show you a dry piece of DRY SOIL (2). Take some and leave the soil. Walk further to the left and use the door to go inside the cabin.

Use the steering wheel and navigate the little boat all the way to the left without hitting anything mayor. At the end you can use the green bush to find a SWAM. But it’s dry. Walk to the right until you reach the elevator and use the green button inside to go downstairs. Use the door on the left to go to the deck upstairs and walk to the right. Use the ‘back’ sign to go to the other side of the lake.

Use the swam on the water to make it a WET SWAM (3). You now have all seven items. Walk to the right until you reach the toilets and enter the ladies side (right). Use the second door from the left (middle stall) and inside push the red button. This will take you to a cold place.

You can’t walk to the right because of the water so walk to the left to talk to Davy. Tell him you need help and he’ll transform the water into ice. From here you can walk to the right. You’ll find a large glass of wine and drink it to be transported to another room. Walk to the right until you find a red door  (you can talk to the creatures but it has no effect). Use the door to return to the house where you started.

Walk to the right until you find Trops. He’s now next to the TV and dead. Use his body to find a KEY and some SALT. Walk back to the left until you reach the house and use the key on it to unlock it and go inside. You’ll finally meet the sea monster. Use the salt on the monster to make it vomit and eventually die. Your dream is over.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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