You need to prevent the mayor from being killed and thus you need to travel to the past to change the course of the future.

To do so you need to find the Magical Mystical Kitten of Lore. The kitten guards a time vortex that will help you to travel back in time. Walk to the left and find a bottle of KIA-ORA in the road. Pick it up […] and walk north. There’s a dead person  lying on the ground. If you search him, you’ll find a bottle of GIN. […]

Walk to the right and you’ll find a crow on the right on a stump. You can’t do much with it at the moment so walk north  and find a kite string. Use the tree to climb it and take a piece of the kite CLOTH. […]  Walk left to leave the tree and back on the path walk to the left. Here you’ll find Mary the fox. Talk to Mary and she’s too stressed to talk. A little drink will help so give the gin to Mary and she’ll talk. She can bring you to the kitten if you get rid of the were-crow.

Walk further to the left and you’ll be back at the camp fire. Walk left again and this time take the path in the middle to the right. There’s a nice flower but a bit to sharp to pick with bare hands. Use the cloth on the FLOWER to pick it up. […]


Walk to the right twice and you’ll reach the were-crow. In your inventory combine the kia-ora with the flower and use it on the crow. It’ll leave you his TAIL FEATHER. Walk north ans left to find Mary again and give her the feather. She’ll take you to the kitten. […]

Talk to the kitten and you’re granted access to the time vortex. Walk north and to the right into the wardrobe. You’ll travel to the Victorian era. Talk to the boy. He can help you with a key if you help him get his sculpture back. Walk through the door opening on the right and talk to the undertaker. Claudius Magnett has a interesting business card: a MAGNET on a string.

Walk back to the left and use the magnet on the vase to retrieve the small SCULPTURE. […] Give the sculpture to the boy and in return he’ll give you the KEY. He also tells you where to find the laboratory. Use the vase again to get e ROSE from it. On the small table on the right is a brass statue. Use the top of the statue to get the small SWORDS from it. […]

Walk to the right and use the key on the door to enter the hallway. You’ve found the entrance but you can’t do much with the elephant yet. Walk into the room on the right to find a beautiful lady. Talk to her to learn about the science. Give her the rose and in return she’ll give you a MOUSE.

Walk to the left and look at the elephant. It’s not going to be scared by a real mouse. In your inventory use the mouse on the sword to kill it and use the ghost mouse on the elephant to gain entry to the laboratory. Once they try to execute their evil play, you set the time of their capsules a hundred years forward.

Talk to the kitten to thank her and you’ll learn about the omni-kitten. From here you’ll meet up with the others again and the story will unfold. Apparently you’ve made a slight mistake… the Baron will explain.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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