Walk up to the old shrine and find it locked. Walk to the left and you’ll see an old monk sitting on the ground. Talk to the monk and ask him if you can do something for him. He wants his biwa so you must get it for him in the shrine. When you tell him it’s locked he’ll give you the KEY.

Walk to the right and use the key on the shrine. You can now enter and find the BIWA on the floor. While picking it up you hear something falling between the floorboards but you can’t figure out what it is. Leave the shrine on the south and walk to the left, back to the old monk. Give the biwa to the monk and he’ll ask you to get his bachi. So that was what fell through the floor. He’ll ask you to get it.

Walk back to the right and enter the shrine again. Use the shire and find that, when you move it, there’s a staircase behind it. Go downstairs and find the BACHI on the floor. Pick it up and also take the BRUSH. Go back upstairs again and leave the shrine. While you walk outside you can hear the old monk answering to his master to play for him. Leave the shrine on the south and walk to the left.

You notice that the monk is gone. Walk further to the left and look at the torii. It’s open so walk through the gate and you’ll see the monk again at a cemetary. Talk to the monk and learn about the oni trying to attack the monk. You must find a way to protect him. The monk will give you a sutra to protect you while searching for a solution. If only you could protect the monk with the sutra.


Pick up the SKULL and walk to the right three times to enter the shrine again. Once inside, use the skull on the fire pit. Water is added automatically to the coal until a ink-like mixture is created. Leave the shrine again and walk to the left twice and enter the torii.

Use the brush on the skull with ink and then use the brush on the monk to paint the sutra all over his body. Now he’ll be protected too. You go back to the shrine to wait until nightfall.

Later you’ll hear a cry. Leave the shrine, walk left twice and enter the torii again. See what happened to the monk.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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