You need to get off the island before the vulcano erupts.

Left of the pole you were tied to is a ROPE in the sand. Take it. Walk to the right and look around. Behind the elephant is the tail of a plane.  Talk to the elephant to learn he can pull 2000 pounds. Use the rope on the tail of the plane to tie it to the elephant as well. But then you need to get him a snack.

Look at the snack stand to find a SPATULA and a NAPKIN. No snacks so far. Pick up the elephant and you will be bitten in the nose which results in a bloody napkin. More drastic measures then. Use the spatula with the fire to heat it up, then use the spatula with the elephant to chase it away. The elephant is gone and the tail of the plane is out of the sand. Look at the fire to notice something shiny. Use the fire to take the BATTERY.

Walk to the left and talk to the cannibals in the sand. They are gambling and you can only play if you have something of value to gamble with. Give the golden battery to the cannibals. If you want to play, you need to prove that you’re a cannibal so give them your bloody napkin.

After a few hours of play, you win the PAPER. It’s a blueprint for a ship you can build. Looking at the plan, you need a hull, a mast and a sail.

Walk to the left to see the map and go to the brown circle. On the right of the gate is a com-paz. Looking at it you need to insert something of the intended vessel so use the paper on the COM-PAZ to take it.

Use the hook on the left side of the big Cannival sign. Then use the hook on the right side and sign is down. Take the BANNER with you as a sail. Walk to the left to return to the map.

Go to the water delta on the left. Look at the mouse behind the bush. The bush will be torched. The mouse walks to the other side. So if that side is burnt as well you can take the tree as mast. Talk to the parrot in the tree. It repeats all you say so try to make him squeak. It’s not convincing enough. Use the hook on the parrot and talk to him again. The yellow fireball will now set the other bush on fire, leaving only the tree. Pick up the TREE and walk to the left side to see the map again. Select the beach.

Walk to the right to the plane tail and use the tree on the plane. Use the banner on the mast and use the compass on the ship. You’re ready to go. Use the hook on the boat to drag her to the water.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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