After the medication, you have to find a way to wake up again.

The characters appear at random, regardless of the direction you’re walking. Walk around until you meet Victoria and talk to her. She can help you if you can find her magical thumb (10/10).

Walk further until you meet a green strange thing. Talk to it and ask if it can help to get you home. Ask about Victoria’s thumb and learn that it has Victoria’s thumb (10/20). But you need to give something before you can have it.

Walk around again in search of Victoria. When you’ve found her tell her about the monster and that you need some meat. She’ll give you some TURKEY MEAT (11/33).

Leave Victoria and search for the monster again. Talk to it and tell about the meat. In return you get the THUMB (12/45). Leave the monster and search for Victoria. Once you’ve found her, talk to her about the thumb and she’ll take it (24/69). She also makes sure you wake up again.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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