Pick up the KEY laying on the floor. Use the lamp on the desk to get the BULB out and use key on the door to go outside. Walk to the left and enter the shop next door: The Yahtzeebrand. Talk to the shopkeeper and ask him if the gun is for sale. It isn’t and when he asks you how to convince him, he mentions the broken light.

Give him the bulb and you get the GUN. From the shelves against the back wall you can take a CARD. Leave the shop and go to the building next door: the museum. Look around and talk to the man standing there. He’s a photographer. Use your gun on him and then search him to get a CAMERA. Leave the museum.

Walk past the post office into the street heading north. You’ll see a gym with someone standing in front. Talk to the person and learn she wants her photo taken for information. Use the camera to take a picture and in return you’ll get a FLOWER to give to the man inside for more information.

Enter the gym and give the flower to the man. Talk to him and you’ll get a LIGHTER for Scid’s collection. Leave the gym and walk to the south. Go to the left and enter Scid’s place. Talk to death behind the desk. Give him the lighter and you’ll get an amount of MONEY.  On his desk is a PEN. Take it.

Walk to the south to leave the office and enter the pizza place to the right. Talk to the shopkeeper and he wants to see money. Give him the money and you’ll get a PIZZA SLICE. Leave the shop and walk to the right to the postoffice. Use the pen with the card to write it and give the card to the postman. He’ll give you a RECEIPT.

Leave the postoffice and walk to the left into the alley. Use the garbage box and find a BOMB inside. It’s the work of Robot so you are on track. Walk all the way to the right untill you reach town jail. Go inside and show the bomb to Bin Laden. He’s cooperative and tells you where to find Robot. He even gives you the KEY to the studio. Leave jail and walk to the left.

The brown large building with the blue door is the studio. Use the key on the door to enter and slap Robot with the pizza slice.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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