The capitain Van Der Decken came to you to ask for help. His crew is very ill and he’ll ask you to cure them. If you do do, you’ll get paid very well. Pick up the CLAY POT on the right side next to the hut. To the left of it is a vase that contains BONE POWDER. In the large pot behind it is a PLANT. Use the plant and the powder on the cauldron. Then use the fire pit below it to light the fire.

Use your amulet on the boiling substance to give it the power it needs and then use the empty pot on the cauldron to take some of the mixture out. Give the full pot to the captain and he’ll thank you by… taking you aboard his ship.

The captain wants you to make the ship go faster. Use your amulet on the captain to cast a spell of thunder and rain making the ship go down.


Chapter One – The map of Estrechez:

Pick up a CUP from the table. Walk to the left and enter the corridor next to the stairs. It’s the kitchen where you find Mister Smee. Talk to him and ask what he’s doing. He’s making cake for the captain and asks you to get some eggs.

Walk to the right twice and there you’ll find the chickens and a pig. Next to the door is a bag with SEEDS. Take it and use it on the chickens to feed them. They’ll give you EGGS in return. Walk to the left, enter the corridor again and give the eggs to Mr. Smee. Use your cup on the barrels on the right to get the RUM. Leave the kitchen again. Go up the stairs on the left side. On deck walk to the left and open the door there.

Inside you’ll find Lateigne and his weapons. You can look around but you’re not allowed to touch any of the weapons. Give him the cup of rum and he’ll turn around for a bit. Then you have a chance to take a sword. But you’re not quick enough because while you take the sword, he’ll turn back again. This makes you startle and cut your finger. Leave the armory and go downstairs again. Enter the kitchen on the left and talk to Smee.

Tell Smee about your cut and he’ll give you the KEY to the infirmary. Leave the kitchen on the right, go up the stairs and walk to the right. The door on the right is the infirmary. Use the key on the door and enter.

After you’ve stiched your cut, look around and take the SPYGLASS from the bed. Leave the infirmatry again and climb the riggins next to the staircase. On top use the spyglass on yourself and… you can see the island! Climb the riggins down again and go downstairs. Go left into the kitchen and Smee will ask you to take the breakfast to the captain. What a coincidence. You wanted to tell him about the island anyway.

Take the CHOCOLATE CAKE from the table and leave the kitchen. Go up the stairs and from there go up the stairs again. In front of you is the door to the captains hut. Use the door and bring the cake to the captain. Also tell him about the island. You get the order to assemble the crew and get ready to go ashore.

Walk down the stairs and cross the ship to the other end, climb the stairs there. Talk to Cecco and tell him the island is near. He’ll ask you to get Lateigne. Walk to the left, down the stairs, all the way to the right and enter the armory. Tell Lateigne that Cecco is looking for him and you’re outside again. Enter the armory again and take a CANNONBALL. Leave the armory, go down the stairs and go through the door next to your hammock. Use the connonball on the cannon on the left and the crew will be ready.

Standing all on deck, another problem arises: another ship.


Your father asks you to unload the ship. Talk to Inigo and he’ll tell you to get a barrel of sugar. Enter the ship where you will automatically get a BARREL of sugar. Walk to the warehouse on the left and use the barrel on the warehouse to store it there. Go back to Inigo and ask him what to do next. It’s the bananas. Enter the vessel again to get the BANANAS and use them on the warehouse. Then you’ll find a CROWBAR there.

Use the crowbar on the drums behind Inigo. When they’re open you find PEPPER inside and you decide to take some. Use the pepper on Inigo to fake a cold and Inigo will tell your father you’re sick. You are alowed to go home now. Enter the door on the right to return home.

On the island:

When Peter asks you about the map, you need to find something to draw it on. Walk to the right and next to the big tree is a STICK. Pick it up. Then enter the big tree on the left side. Inside you find Frison drawing on some paper. Aks him for a piece of paper but he won’t give it to you. Next to him is a KNIFE on the table take it and use it on the bed on the right. You will cut a piece of FABRIC off. Use the sheet on the stick to make a torch and then use the torch on the fire under the firepit to light the torch.

Leave the big tree and walk to the left. You’re with Peter again. Go south and left again. A mountain of rocks from a cave in but not a problem for you. Selecting the rocks it’s easy to remove them and it leaves the entrance of the cave clear. Walk into the cave.

Use your knife to take a CHUNK OF GOLD from the wall and pick up some CLAY from the floor. Leave the cave again and go back to the big tree (right, north, right). Give the clay to Frison and since he’s now got something else to play with, you can have a piece of PAPER. Leave the tree and walk to the left.

Walk south and look at the magpie. Give the piece of gold to the bird and she’ll give you a FEATHER. Walk to the right and find a mermaid on the beach. It’s one of the mermaids who saved you. Talk to the mermaid and learn that she’s lost her pearl. Walk to the south and find an OYSTER on the beach. You know what’s inside those! Use your knife on the oyster and take the PEARL out. Use your knife on the net to take a PIECE OF NET as well. Walk back to the north and give the pearl to the mermaid.

As a thank you you get an ALGAE to breath under water. But you need to be quick, it’ll only work today. Walk to the south again and walk to the right, into the sea. Since you’ve got the algae, you can just walk in. On the right is a little red octopus. Use the net with the OCTOPUS to carefully take it with you and go back to the left to leave the sea again. Once ashore, use the octopus with the little container to squeeze some ink out.

So, now that you’ve got all components to draw, use the feather on the paper and Vincentes map is finished. Walk to the north, left and north again to reach Peter. Give the paper to Peter. An encounter with the pirates will follow and when you enter the big tree, you’re home again.

Back home:

You mother asks for some milk. Walk to the right to the cabinets and from the left cabinet you can take a BOWL and a FRYING PAN and from the right cabinet you can take the JUG OF MILK. Give the milk to Luella and she’ll ask you to fill the bowl. Put the bowl on the stool and then use the milk with the bowl. Talk to Luella again and she’ll ask for chocolate. Use the bag standing next to the barrel to take some CHOCOLATE out and give it to Luella. She’ll ask you to melt it. Use the chocolate with the frying pan and hold the pan into the fire. You’re chocolate will melt. Give the pan to Luella and she’ll ask you to use it with the milk.

Talk to Luella again and she’ll tell you about your father. About being a pirate, about the battles…

After Vincente:

Follow the footsteps to the right. When you then try to follow them to the north, you realize that he went the wrong way. Walk to the right and when you’re in front of the skull cave you see that Vincente hasn’t been there yet. Pick up the BOULDER on the right of the entrance and use it on the cave to block the entrance. Then you’ll have to wait. Walk back to the right again to meet Vincente.

After the conversation with your father, he pushes you off the cliff. Be quick enough to use the fairy dust on yourself to fly back again to him, leaving him astonished it’s now your time to push him.

At home:

You get the KEY to the mine and the assignment to get the register there. Leave the house and cross the street to the side of the warehouse. On the barrel is a notebook in which you can read some information about cargo. Also some numbers. Note those! Walk towards the ship and in front turn to the right. Walk towards the mines.

In front of the mines is a PICKAXE. Pick it up and use the key on the doors of the mines.

Once inside, it’s very dark. Try to feel around until you find something metal (a bit to the right of the center of the screen) and use it to light the lamp. To the right of the table is a pile of rocks. Use the pickaxe to reveal a trunk underneath that you will put on the table. Use the trunk and find it’s locked by a combination. Remember the notebook you saw earlier and the code written in it? Use that code on the lock.

Inside you find a treasure map. Realizing you shouldn’t have seen it, you decide to leave the mine. Outside your father is waiting. He’ll kill you.

On the ship:

You see Peter and Tinkerbell again. Peter will give you fairy dust but he’s noticed by the captain. He’ll be harpooned. You must rescue him. Leave the cannon room and go up the stairs. Walk to the right to find Peter tied to the mast. Talk to Cecco and he’ll tell you to go to the captain. Walk to the left, climb the stairs and enter the cabin of the captain.

The captain doesn’t know what to do with Peter and Tinkerbell but you must stay. Trying to leave the room or getting too close to Tinkerbell won’t be healthy.

Walk up the steps behind the captain and look inside his bedside table. Since he can’t see you, you can take the DAGGER out. Walk back down and stand in front of the desk. Use the dagger on the cage of Tinkerbell and she’ll fly off, taking the dagger and freeing Peter. The captain is not amused.

On the island, after the treasure:

The captain is impressed by your performance. He didn’t expect to see you kill someone. You lead them into the cave where you have to find five skulls with a letter. When they are in the right order, you can access the treasure. If only you knew which word it was.

Along the path, just around the first corner you can see a BUCKET. Take it and find a SKULL (H) in it. Use the bucket on the pond to take some WATER along. Use the water on the hole in the wall (don’t try to use your hands) to make a SKULL (E) surface. Follow the path further and pull the lever. Another skull will appear but behind bars. On the other side of the path is a pile of rocks and when you examine those, you’ll find a SKULL (T) underneath. A bit further down the path is a SKULL (C) you can take.

Walk back to the captain and ask him for a FILE. A good pirate has one so when you use the file on the bars, you can take the fifth SKULL (A). Mind you that there’s a trap here with a poisonous dart. You can get shot if you don’t walk in the right spot. It can be tricky to use the file on the bars. You’ll return to the captain and enter the room with the stands automatically. Now you only have to put the in the right order. Put the T first, followed by the E. On the third stand should be the skull with the A, on the fourth the one with the C. The last stand should have the skull with the H.

The door opens and you can enter. The captain is impressed and welcomes you abord the Jolly Roger as a real pirate.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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