You’re looking for your pogo-stick but your spaceship ran out of fuel.

Talk to Mika. She can give you some milk if you can bring her a present. No flowers though. Walk all the way to the left and enter the ally. Talk to the bum and ask for your pogo-stick. He doesn’t have it but he gives you an ICECREAM. Walk to the right and north next to the post office. Walk north next to the entrance of the hospital to reach the sherrif’s office. Outside is a bully who’s very hot.

Give Mr. Namyah your icecream and he’ll cool down a bit. He’ll even give you the MAGIC DRINK that he stole from Davy a few months ago. Use the door behind Mr. Namyah to enter the sheriff’s office. No one here but you can have a look around. Use the cactus pot on the left to find a DIAMOND.

Use the door to leave the office and walk to the right and south to return to the main street. Walk to the right and give the diamond to Mika. In return she’ll give you her MILK. In your inventory combine the milk with the magic drink and you’ll have fuel for your spaceship. Use the spaceship to fly to another world.


Enter the small house to finally find your pogo stick. But then there’s this Garg outside. He took to stick! Use your gun on the Garg to get rid of him and you can fly home again.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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