Your family was brought to another place and you want to find them. You’ll talk to Dennis but he doesn’t want to say much. He’s affraid of the previous occupants of your cage: the rabbits. Since he knows where your family went to, we need to scare him a little to make him talk.

Walk to the left side of the cage. Near the door is a RUBBER DUCK. Across it is a METAL BAR. You’ll need them both. A bit to the right is a CARROT. Pick it up as well. Use the metal bar on the can of food in your inventory to open it. Then use the can of food on the rubber duck to make it sticky. Now use the sticky rubber duck on pile of fur in the lower right corner of the cage. The ducky now looks like a rabbit, the kind Dennis is affraid of.

Use the duck on Dennis and he’ll be scared. But not enough since he knows the rabbit can’t reach him. Then use the carrot on him and threaten to throw that one. There you go. Now you know where your parents went. Look at the book next to Dennis and find out what it’s about. Maybe we’ll need it later.

So now we know that, we need to get out of the cage. Pick up the LETTUCE and use it on the fence near the door. The lettuce will now be outside of the cage. Use the coin on the same place so it’s on the lettuce. Pick up another piece of LETTUCE and use it on fence on the corner left of the door. Pick up another piece of LETTUCE and drop it on the left side of the fence in the middle. Pick up a piece of LETTUCE again and use it on the lower left corner of the fence. We’ve made a nice trail here.

Now we don’t want anyone to see what you’re about to do so push the red button in the same corner and the curtain will drop. Pick up another piece of LETTUCE and drop it near the bridge for the greenkeeper to find. He’ll find the other leaves and finally he’ll find the coin. As soon as he’s trying to pick it up, use the metal bar on the greenkeeper to knock him out. You’ll search him to find a PENNY, a piece of COPPER WIRE, and a KEY.

Push the red button again to raise the curtain. Pick up the COIN in front of the door and use the key on the door to open it. Then walk around the cage until you are on the bridge, then select the arrow to walk to the left.

You’re spotted by a kid who comes running across the bridge and follows you wherever you go. How annoying. We need to get rid of him first. Walk further to the left and to the left of the bridge you can find some HERBS. You end up taking four kinds. Go back to your cage on the right. Once you’re inside your cage again, the kid will also be there. Walk to the right side of the cage and show Dennis all herbs one by one. The first is to make you high, the second to heal wounds, the third is for decoration but the fourth one, the stupid one,  is used to make someone sleepy but has to be eaten in the dark.

Now we may have some use for that. Walk back to the left side of the cage and use the stupid herb with the can of monkey food. Use the can of food on the rest house and the boy will soon follow. He won’t bother us for some time anymore.

Leave the cage, walk around it and go to the bridge again. From there use the arrow to go to the left. The parents have gone to search their kid but they left their POPCORN. Walk over to the bench and take it. Use the arrow to walk to the north.

Use the switch on the power socket in the grass to turn the machine on. It doesn’t work. Look at the back of the vending machine. You can find a switch there as well. Use it and the machine will work. Use a penny in the vending machine and a can of soda pops out. You’ll even get your penny back but don’t get it out of the machine. Leave the can in the machine as well. Switch off the power socket and use the copper wire with the vending machine.  Once the wire is installed,  switch on the power socket again.

Look at the popcorn. Use the popcorn on the popcorn to find out it’s dried out corn. Use the corn on the iron bar to fill the pipe with it. Walk to the right side of the statue of Mickey Mouse so the guard doesn’t see you and then use the metal pipe on the guard to fire a range of corn at him. He’ll get out of his booth, notice the soda can and coin and will be in for a shock. You can leave the zoo and go after your parents.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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