You’re fired and want revenge.

Walk to the right and when you almost reach the fence, the seagul in the skill tester will call you. Talk to the gull, Chokey, and promise to get him out of there. Take the COIN from the return slot and leave the machine. Use the door on the right to find it locked.

Walk to the left three times until you reach the vending machine. Use the machine and press the C4 button. Use the coin on the machine and your bag will get stuck. That really pisses you off. Talk to the boy several times until you almost explode. Hurt the dog and then hurt the vending machine. It will solve several issues at once.

Pick up the SPRAY CAN, the bag of CHILLI SNACKS and the COINS on the left of the machine. Walk to the right and then north towards the ferris wheel. Give the chilli snacks to the kid and after he’s gone for a drink take the GUN from the stand. Walk to the south to leave the stand and to the right twice to return to the skill tester.


Use the skill tester to take a closer look and use a coin on the slot to try and catch the seagull. The seagull is now stuck in the prize slot.Use your coins again and play until you have the brick and it will unblock the prize slot and also releasing Chockey.

Pick up the BRICK and use the brick on the spray can to get a BALL out. Use the ball on the gun. Hurt the dog again and walk to the left twice to return to your boss. Wait for the dog to step in and hurt the dog again. But this time you hurt yourself and that makes you really angry. Use the gun on your boss and now you have to find a way to hide him.

Use the dead body to find out he’s heavy. But you also find a KEY. Walk to the right twice and use the key on the ‘Staff Only’  door. You’re now inside the haunted house. Use the winch next to the door and when the skeleton crashed down, use it to get a piece of the ROPE. Use the door on the right to leave and walk to the left twice to return to the boss.

Use the rope on your boss and once inside the haunted house again use the winch next to the door again to let the boss do what he always wanted to do.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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