After your landing you need to find a way to contact the space ship again.

Use the escape pod to take the VAPORISER and a piece of ROPE out. Use  the SUN to take a piece and also grab a piece of the AIR when using the sky. Walk to the right to find a lake. Use the vaporiser on the lake to remove the water and use the sun on the plastic cover to melt it. Use the rope on the hole to climb down.

Use the door on the right to enter the cave. Pick up the plastic CAPE and walk to the right. In the middle of the lake is a transmitter, but you can’t reach it. Use the rope on it and you’ll have the TRANSMITTER. Walk to the left twice. There’s an opening in the roof. Did you notice along the way that the walls were sticky? When you want to use the wall they’re too slippery. Use the floor to get some dust on your hands and then use the wall to climb out.

Once you’re out, you need to notify your spaceship. In your inventory use the air with the cape. Use the transmitter with the makeshift balloon. Use the sun with the cup to fill it with heat and use the heated cup with the balloon and transmitter. Use the hot aired transmitter balloon with the sky to let it fly away and now hope that someone picks up the signal.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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