The barmaid Gina must know more about that murder. If only you had $20.

Take the COIN from the bar and take the GLASS from the table. Leave the bar on the right. Outside you can find $20 in the gutter but it’s too deep to reach. Go to the north to reach the pond. Use the glass on the pond to fill it with WATER.  Use the coin with the rods in the water to blind the fish and you can take the spare HOOK from the tackle.

Walk back to the south and go down the ramp back into the underground bar. Use your glass with the beer on the bar to swap glasses. Look at the glass in your inventory to find the COCKTAIL STICK. Walk to the right to leave the bar. Use the stick with the hook and use the combination on the gutter to get the $20 BILL.

Walk dsown the ramp and give the $20 bill to Geena. Now she has something to tell you….

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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