You’re waiting for satellite communication with the Amazon.

WAIT for the communication to start and then wait for everything to be synchronized (it says use the joystick but if you leave it, it’ll do that automatically). You’re now receiving a call from Murphy requesting you in the office.

GO OFFICE and Murphy will ask for your name. Give [YOUR NAME] and enter YES to confirm. You can answer YES or NO to the question if you’re scared and when he says you’ll leave tonight, reply with YES.

Next Murphy will ask for you experience. Enter NOVICE,  EXPLORER or LEADER to set the level. You’ll then get instructions to get to the airport. So GO AIRPORT and when you see the destinations, OPEN LETTER to see where you need to go to. You need to go to Miami so from the terminal you can see it’s gate 9.

GO GATE 9 and after arriving in Miami you hail a taxi. The letter directed you to the archaeological institute so answer INSTITUTE. The cabdriver is helpful telling you the institute isn’t open yet and suggests to take you to a hotel. Tel him NO and he’ll take you to the institute.

There’s a lot of blue lights outside the institute and when you ENTER INSTITUTE a cop will stop you. When you SHOW LETTER he’ll step aside and you can ENTER INSTITUTE. Once inside a secretary asks for your name so enter [YOUR NAME].

The secretary will tell you about the death of the professor and ask if you’re there for the notebooks. Answer YES and the secretary will direct you to the office. GO OFFICE and ENTER OFFICE. Inside you’ll find a mess and a crying sound. REMOVE DRAPE from the birdcage to reveal a parrot. The parrot asks for your name so answer [YOUR NAME].

Paco asks you to open the cage so OPEN CAGE and then Paco asks you to open the fridge so OPEN REFRIGERATOR. Inside there’s medication and a bit of fruit. TAKE MEDICINE and then TAKE FRUIT. Paco wants it.

GIVE FRUIT and Paco will ask if you knew about the map. Answer YES and Paco offers to get you to the lost city. But only if you’re nice so say OK and when Paco tells you he doesn’t want to cross water agree again with OK.

When Paco asks if you were planning to fly to the Amazon, answer YES. Then Paco offers to help. Say PACO and then OPEN CUPBOARD. Now it’s open LOOK CUPBOARD to find some of Paco’s food. TAKE FOOD and you’ll see some shiny bits in the back of the cupboard. LOOK METAL to find a strange gun in the back.

TAKE GUN and LOOK GUN to see it’s a tranquilizer gun with darts. LEAVE OFFICE to be stopped by the director outside refusing you to take Paco. BRIBE DIRECTOR to persuade him but when he asks for $20.000 just say NO. At $15.000 also say NO and even at $10.000 you can say NO so the director settles for $5.000.

GO AIRPORT and do as Paco suggests: BUY TWO TICKETS. Then you’re requested at the courtesy booth. GO BOOTH and when asked your name, answer YES. The man offers you a backpack.

TAKE BACKPACK and then check it with INVENTORY. Now that you have everything, ENTER PLANE and you’re on your way to the Amazon.

After you wake up, SIT UP and you realize you’re in the jungle. You need to contact base so START COMPUTER and then you’re asked for a code. If you enter anything wrong, it’ll close again and then you’ll have to READ NOTE (that’s in your inventory). This will give you the correct access code. OPEN ENVELOPE to see another code in case of emergency.

START COMPUTER again and when asked for the code, enter 969. You’ll get your position and all the hazards that you can come across. After the communication, go WEST to find a game path that leads north. Follow it NORTH to to find a tiger attacking you. It’ll leave you unharmed so continue NORTH. Go NORTH once more through the dense vegetation and  when you reach the bamboo forest, turn WEST.

You’re under attack from Kemani and you need to make the right moves so SMILE and you’ll be taken to the tribe. From the gestures they make there, you can imagine they want to smoke so OFFER CIGARETTES. When they offer you food, accept with YES. You’ll end up at the mouth of a cave and can only go north.

Go NORTH to a passage in the cave. Go NORTH again to feel a breeze coming from the north so go NORTH once more to end up in the rain forest. From here you can see a path leading NORTH. Then there’s a group of soldiers.

There’s not much you can do except WAIT and when you’re taken to their camp and you’re in a tent, WAIT again until the leader shows up a threatens you with a gun. When he asks what you’re doing here you can answer anything you want. Even a HUH will do. When he asks you if you can pay the ransom, answer YES and when you doesn’t see any tell him to LOOK IN BACKPACK. Still no money so you’ll be dealt with in the morning.

When you hear a squeak, call PACO and he frees you. TAKE BACKPACK and leave the tent WEST. To be able to see in the dark, WEAR GOGGLES and you’ll be able to find a path NORTH. Once you’re back in the jungle, REMOVE GOGGLES.

Walk WEST into the jungle (any direction will do) and now you’re lost. Since you’re lost, time for an emergency correspondence: START COMPUTER and when asked for the code, enter 072. HQ will start some chit-chat and when asked if anything’s wrong answer YES. You will get your location and the location of a safe camp.

Walk WEST, then NORTH, followed by NORTH and NORTH once more to reach the safe camp. You’ll rest here. The next morning you’ll find a path leading north so go NORTH to see the volcano and NORTH again to reach the south slope of the volcano. Walk NORTH onto the path where you can now feel the cold.

WEAR PARKA to protect yourself and climb NORTH to 11.000 feet. Go NORTH again to find yourself in a snowstorm. START COMPUTER and enter code 969. HQ will tell you about the storm but that the summit is clear. They will guide you there.

Go NORTH, then NORTH again, EAST and EAST once more and you’ll be near the summit and instructed to go NORTH to a safe camp. At the top go NORTH towards the crater and a safe tube.  ENTER TUBE to spend the night.

Paco will tell you he’s hungry so OFFER FOOD and START COMPUTER. Enter code 969 and you’ll get the latest from HQ. You need to travel north to the crater and because the bridge is out, they’ll drop a boat tomorrow.  You’ll also get instructions about Paco. After the communication, you need some SLEEP.

The next morning, go NORTH towards the crater. From here go NORTH into the crater and follow the path at lava level NORTH. Now you find yourself in the jungle again, lost. Walk NORTH to a clearing and you’ll find a plane dropping a carton.

Walk EAST into the jungle where you can hear a river. Go EAST again and nothing  seems to change but when you go EAST once more, you reach the river where you find the carton and a parachute.

TAKE PARACHUTE and OPEN CARTON. Inside you’ll find a rifle, an oar and a raft. TAKE OAR and TAKE RIFLE. The raft is too heavy. Walk NORTH where you notice that it’s very dark now. WEAR GOGGLES and you’ll find a hippo on your way. WAIT for the hippo to move on and then WEST to the river bank. WEST again to a bend in the river. There’s also a native boat here.

LOOK BOAT to discover the big hole in the bottom so FIX BOAT and when asked with what answer WITH PARACHUTE. That’ll fix it. Now to get on the water you’ll need to TRANQUILIZE PACO first before you can ENTER BOAT

Now you can CROSS RIVER and when you’re under attack half way, HIT ALLIGATOR WITH OAR. Once reached the other side, START COMPUTER  to set up camp and get try to reach HQ but because you’re very tired, you fall asleep.

The next morning your computer beeps so START COMPUTER and enter 969 as code. On the question why you didn’t report last night you can enter anything, HQ suggests you run an inventory check.

When you do an INVENTORY you’ll notice that you only have your computer left so START COMPUTER and enter code 969 again. Luckily HQ has a trace on your backpack so they will  help you.

Go EAST four times to realize the monkeys are too fast. You’ll get to see a map on which you have to catch the backpack. Use the joystick (note: on an emulator translate joystick to keyboard keys) to chase the pack and once you’ve got it, you’re told to go EAST.

You hear the river EAST so go that way and you’ll reach a suspension bridge. But Paco does not want to cross. SHOW GUN to persuade him to come along.

Walk EAST halfway across and EAST again to reach the other side of the river. From here there’s no way back and Paco seems to know the way so follow his directions SOUTH, then SOUTH again and when you go SOUTH once more you’ll reach a tree with skulls on it. When you go WEST from here you’ll find the entrance of the city.

Your computer starts beeping so START COMPUTER and enter 969 as code. You’ll get new info about the enemy and how to fight them. After the communication, follow Paco’s instructions: SOUTH. This is where your camp is. Now WEAR GOGGLES and START LASER. You’re under attack now.

[Note: You can attach (emulate) a joystick and move but I found it just as easy to just press space and shoot. It’s a space invader-like game and easy enough to complete.]

After the battle it’s safe to SLEEP. The next morning, go NORTH to the lost city and reach the entrance. ENTER the city into a room with many windows.  Go NORTH to reach a courtyard and NORTH again to a store room. Evidence of previous visitors here. Walk EAST into a temple and NORTH to the back wall.

PUSH WALL to reveal a recess with a lever and PULL LEVER to lift one of the floor slabs. Stairs are leading down. Go DOWN the stairs and the entrance behind you closes. No way back!

In the distance you can see stairs so go WEST and then UP the stairs. In the vast hall go WEST first, in to a smelly room and then NORTH to reach the  north wall. You can see a  key so TAKE KEY and leave SOUTH again. Then EAST back to the vast hall.

Go NORTH to a door with a lock and a skeleton next to it. UNLOCK DOOR to reveal a passage and a paper. TAKE PAPER and READ PAPER to see an encrypted message but then your computer starts beeping again. START COMPUTER and enter code 969.

The passage is leading WEST so turn that way and there you find the three doors. You can open them with OPEN 132 (I assume it’s the symbols on the door that indicate the flow from full (1) to empty (2))  and you’ll reach the treasure but also triggering the volcano to erupt.

There’s only one passage visible: SOUTH. In the vast hall go SOUTH again and the earthquake has revealed a secret passage SOUTH again. Inside the passage the only way is SOUTH (unless you forgot something and want to go back) and at the end of the passage you find soft earth above you. Time to go UP and as you do there’s another earthquake but you manage to reach the pit room.

You can see a opening WEST and then you’re outside the city again, seeing it collapse before you. You’re out just in time. There’s a helicopter to your rescue so follow Paco’s advice and ENTER HELICOPTER. You’re taken to safety.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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