You’re a male escort and are in a bar. Since it’s your job, in the scenario we’re going for the most money.

When the bartender asks what you do for a living, it doesn’t matter what you answer: you’re an escort. The bartender can pick the stories, we’ll play them in order:

The young woman ($200):

When she asks your name, pick any or random, your real name isn’t there anyway. After the conversation you end up at a restaurant talking. The trick is to pick the right conversation. When it’s just the money you’re after, select all first or second options and you’ll earn $200. If you want to sleep with her as well, select all thirds and end up back at her house for a surprise. Then it’s up to you to decide if you want to earn the money.


The older lady ($200):

Use the door on the right to enter the apartment. Again, when asked for your name, just pick any. Try to talk to her but she’s not really in the mood for talking so just get down to business. It seems that she has some issues with her health.

Use her handbag to find a telephone and dial 911. The medic on the other side will tell you what medication to look for but once he offers to send an ambulance, decline and say you can handle it yourself.

Walk to the left into the bathroom and use the cabinet over the sink to find the pharmacy. There’s a blue bottle and assuming it contains blue pills, take the bottle. You’ll administer the pills and save the old lady’s life. Talk to the lady and ask if she’s ok. When she acknowledges, tell her you held your end of the deal to get the payment from her.

The gentleman ($650):

Use the front door to enter the house. Again, when asked for your name, just give any. You’re then invited in. To get direct down to business, the man asks you to make yourself comfortable while he gets into the bedroom. Don’t hesitate too long but use the bedroom door to follow him.

Talk to the man and ask him to talk first. Ask him about his work and the area he lives in. Then get down to business. You’ll receive $200 as agreed. But then there’s a noise in the house and the man asks you to hide in the closet. Talk to the man and ask for $400 extra. He doesn’t want to pay you so offers you a $200 extra maximum.

Refuse the offer and ask for $300. He accepts the deal and pays you an additional $300. Then use the closet to hide. The man knows to direct his wife into the bathroom and that’s enough time for you to use the door to leave the room. Once in the living room you know the two will be busy in the bedroom for a while so take your time to take the red vase next to the flat-screen ($50), take the little statuette from the worktop on the far right ($50) and take the sculpture from the coffee table ($50).

Use the front door to leave the house and you’ll return to the bar. All in all a nice day at the office.




Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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