After you’ve taken the weight off you shoulders, use the door on the right.

Use the keycard from your inventory on the door on the right again to enter your own room. Look at the piles of junk on the floor. In one of them you will find a SHOESTRING. On the desk are a TOOTHBRUSH, some TOOTHPASTE and a PENCIL SHARPENER. Take them. Use the drawer of the desk to find a KEYCARD to the control room.

Use the robot on the right and listen to both voice mails. So you were under attack! Use the door on the left to leave your room again. Use the red keycard on the second door from the right, the control room. Use the console to find all doors closed and the lever is jammed. In your inventory use the toothbrush with the pencil sharpener to make it pointy and then use the sharp toothbrush on the reset botton.  All doors are open now.

Leave the room and find the footprints outside. Use the door on the left to follow them back to the point of origin. Use the door on the left again to enter the workshop and take the GASOLINE with you. Use the toolrack to find a SCREWDRIVER. Use the door on the right again and try to use the door where the footprints lead to. But Muko’s door is locked tight.


Use the second door from the right to enter the storage room. Look at the book to read a recipe for explosives and take the FLINT and the CROWBAR from the shelf. Leave the room and enter the second door from the left to enter the cafeteria. Take the can of concentrated ORANGE JUICE, the FRUIT BOWL and the RUBBER CHICKEN. Leave the room again. Time to get into Muko’s room.

Use the crowbar on his door. It will move a bit but not open. At least it breaks your crowbar. In your inventory use the gasoline with the orange juice. Put the mixture on the door. Use the shoelace on the door as a fuse. In your inventory use the screwdriver with the flint to be able to get a spark. Then use the detonator on the shoestring.This will blast the door open so enter Muko’s room. Talk to Muko but no matter what you’ll say, it becomes dark anyhow.

Search for the lightswitch. It’s somewhere  on the left in the middle. Take the MIRROR from the door and use the mirror on the door to slide it under and see what’s on the other side. The coast is clear. Use the door to leave. Look at the desk to see what Muko’s up to. You must stop that madman.

Use the toothpaste on the grating to get it loose and use the hole to see where it leads to. Look at the monster to see what he’s doing. Listen to the conversation. You must change the target! Climb back through the hole again and use the space radio. Ask control permission to change the target coordinates  of the missile.  They’ll ask you for a password. You can try them all but 1492 will work. Use the hole again to return to the monster and use the missile.

You’ll be asked what to do when in the computer so send the missile to the terrorist ship. Use the vent again to try to leave but you’ll be stopped. Make up a story for your presence and the missile will be launched, destroying the terrorist. The monster inside the ship will now try to attack you.

Use the toothpaste on him to disable his sight. Then use the pointy toothbrush to kill the vilain. You saved the president from evil.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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