You need to stop that evil man from turning men into women.

Talk to the lady behind the screen about everything. Try to charm her and ask her all about Femlab. You’ll learn what they do and when you ask to see the doctor you can’t. You’re not a woman! When you’re finished with the conversation you’ll take a stick of Brighton ROCK.

Walk to the south to leave the building. Walk to the left and visit the drunk on the bench. On the floor to the left of him are cans of BEER. Take one, the drunk doesn’t mind. Walk to the right and walk into the alley between Femlabs and the clothes shop. Use the trashcan to find a box of SLEEPING PILLS.

Use the rainpipe to climb into the bathroom. Use the can of beer in your inventory to keep the PULLRING. Use the pullring as makeshift lockpick on the door to the north. Use the clothes in the wardrobe on the right to change clothes and use the door on the left to return to … the lady under the shower. Only this time she tries to attack you with a pair of scissors. Your gun is cut in two during the fight.

Use the stick of Brighton rock on the lady to knock her out. Take the SCISSORS from the floor and use the window to climb back down again. Walk to the right to leave the alley and to the left to visit the drunk on the bench again. Use the sleeping pills on his drink when he’s not paying attention and he’ll be asleep in no time. Use the scissors on the drunk to cut his HAIR. Use the hair in your inventory to create a wig and wear it.

Walk to the right and use the door to enter Femlabs again. Charm the girl again and ask her to open the doors. Tell her you don’t care about the doors and she’ll melt. She opens the door and you’ll find a way to let her faint. You’ll step into the elevator that will get stuck along the way.

Use the stick of Brighton rock on the skylight of the elevator to smash it and then use the opening to climb out. Use the top grating on the right to crawl through the vent. Crawl towards the ventilator and use the stick of Brighton rock on the ventilator to turn it into a flower. Crawl all the way to the right and up the shaft further to the right. Halfway you’ll see the doctor and his evil plans. Crawl further to the right and you’ll end in the men’s toilet.

Walk to the left to leave the toilet and you’ll follow the doctor to the mechanic fixing the elevator. You overhear their conversation. Walk back to the right and go south into the theatre. On the left is a bookcase and when you use the books you come across a recipe for atomic glue. Now that would be useful for your gun. On the right is a painting that moves. Use the painting to find the shaft behind it and climb it. Crawl until the end where you can see the mechanic again.

Talk to the mechanic and tell him you’re the voice inside his head. Talk some more to him until you’ll scare him away. Crawl back to the left until you’re back in the theatre. Walk to the south to leave the room and in the corridor walk to the left to the elevator. The mechanic is gone but you can pick up his SCREWDRIVER. Walk to the right and enter the toilet again. Use the vent to climb back in and at the intersection crawl to the south. Exit the vent on the right and you’re inside the lab.

Use the control panel in front of you. Push the ON button first. The crane dropping from the ceiling needs to go to the left once and to the south once. Push the DOWN button to lower the crane more. Push the yellow button in the middle to close the crane and push the UP button to raise the crane. The assistant realizes Troy is gone and will leave in search of the patient. Troy will be released from the crane.

Walk to Troy and talk to him. He’s not able to talk back but will follow you now. Use the computer on the right and select the option to unlock all doors. Walk to the south to leave the lab. Walk to the right into the toilets and close the door of the cubicle. Look at the door to read the text. Leave the toilets on the left and use the computer in the hall. It will ask for a password and enter ‘christina’ to get a map from building out of the computer.

Walk to the left and go south. You’ll reach the doctor’s office. On the wall on the left is a cabinet. Open it and take the DETERGENT out. Look at it to see the ingredients. Use the door on the left to find a mess. At the bottom of the screen is a cooker and on it is a CONTAINER. Take it and leave the room again. Walk to the corridor on the right behind the office to return to the hallway. Walk to the rigth and use the door on the north to enter the lab again.

There are two huge containers. Read both labels to see what’s in it. One of the substances sounds familiar. Use the container with the familiar substance and in your inventory use the detergent with the same container. Now you only need to heat the liquids. Walk to the south to leave the lab and go to the left. From there go south to reach the doctor’s office again. Use the door on the left to enter the storage room again and use the container with both liquids on the cooker.

Once the super glue is finished, use the gun with the glue to repair it. Use the door to leave the room and outside you’ll meet the assistant and the technician. They try to attack you with a stick of Brighton rock. Use your gun on the assistent and the technician will run off. Use the door on the right to enter the doctor’s office. He’s not there. Look at the screen and use the keyboard to see a surveilance clip. Christina has an arguement with the doctor.

Then the doctor enters the room and tries to attack you with the femspray. Use either side to avoid the spray. As soon as the doctor shows up again, talk to him.  Keep talking to the doctor and keep avoiding the spray until the technician and Melanie are also in the room. Then talk to the doctor and tell him again  he’s better off spraying himself because the sex is better. He’ll then spray himself. But then comes the question why you tried to avoid the spray?

You’ll be asked if you want to be sprayed. The answer is completely up to you. You might want to try both….

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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